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Cohasset Hish School 

Guidance d^?^*- 

Cohassei, fA^uchusetts 02025 

feSSAHOC '76 





Cofca^et" High School 
ohtsslft, Massachusetts 

In Memoriam 

Edwin J. Madge 

"When Death strikes down the innocent and young, for every fragile form from which he lets the 
panting spirit free, a hundred virtues rise, in shapes of mercy, charity, and love, to walk the world 
and bless it." 

Charles Dickens 

We, the class of 1976, dedicate our yearbook to a man who has 
brought many new ideas to Cohasset High School. He played a 
major role in the establishment of an independent computer sys- 
tem. In the last few years, he has taken on the job of coaching the 
freshmen football team and has instilled in them a winning spirit. 

More importantly, he has always given freely of his time. He 
scouts opposing teams for varsity football, and he has consistently 
volunteered to referee Powderpuf f games and to play Donkey Bas- 
ketball. Because, we have had him as a math teacher we can testify 
to his professional competence, and his talent for making the hard- 
est problem seem easy. His patience has showed itself in his class 
advisor role. He has made himself truly available to us. We can 
catch him in a study, during his free periods, or after school for 
extra help or just to talk. 

Therefore, we the class of 1976, fondly dedicate our yearbook to 
you, Mr. Dennis Walsh — eh?? 

A teacher once wrote, 

"I want to teach my students how 
To live this life on earth — 

To face its struggles and its strife 
And how to improve their worth 

Not just the lesson in the book 
On how one plus one equals two 
But how to choose the proper path 
Wherever they may go 

For if I help the world to grow 
In wisdom and in grace — 

Then I shall feel that I have won 
And I have filled my place." 

And to us, Mr. Walsh, you have filled 
your place! 

From "A Teacher's Wish" by James Metcalf 

Yearbook Staff 


Editors - Mark Buckley , Ann Donovan 

Sales - Jeannie McKinnon 

Seniors - Theresa Chiasson 

Advertising - Linda Curley , Beth McCool 

Proofreaders - Deedee Londergan , Andy Fox , Jay 

Sports - Tim Salerno, Deb Streeter, Cindy Hoy 
Activities - Alice Watson, JoAnne Shannon 
Layout - Blake Suddath 
An - Karin Costello 
Photography - Howard Taylor 
Business - Liz Bailey 

Typing - Jennifer Grisdale, Maria Saldi, Monica 

Not Pictured - Marita Durkin , Joe Donnelly , Mark 
Facey, John Buckley, Pam Gunville, Brad Smith, 
Ruth Hellar 

Cover - Bob Killion 

What Is A Senior? 

— something I have waited to be for 12 years 

— an animal 

— a leader among underclassmen 

— on the first step to achieving your goal in life 

— (for some) it is the last of learning from a classroom 

— (for others) it is the last chance to try to get into higher education 

— 12 years of hard work 

— at the end of a beginning 

— one early morning stranger looking at another early morning stranger — that is all we are to each other 

— has the rest of your life to mold into what you want it to be 

— a person who has been taught much, but who knows little 

— being deprived 

— big mouth, little action 

— a person who graduates from high school 

— something that no one will ever know until they get there 

— someone who should be there the most, but is there the least 

— someone who is ending one part of his life to begin another 

— a Junior who can not wait 

— a person who needs a pass to walk in the hall 

— being able to act up in the halls with Marg and not giving a ?%& # / 

— someone who can say, "I made it!" 

— someone who looks around and suddenly notices that he is the oldest one in the halls 

— being able to look forward to being a freshman again 

— someone who gets shoved out into our wonderful world 

— somebody who says, "Right On!" to 1976 

— neither animal, mineral, or vegetable 

— me; I am a Senior 

— anticipation 

— someone who thinks that he is, but he really isn't 

— being able to act up in the halls with Lisa F. and not giving a ?/ &'%$ # " 

— a very lucky person 

— a person escaping from Cohasset High School 

— a poor man's wise man 

— someone ready to go outside and strike it rich 

— same as a seventh grader, only bigger 

— A RAVE!!! 

— here today, gone tomorrow 

— being a member of the class that got ripped off 

— just beginning! 

— a person that is soon going to lose most of his oldest and dearest friends 

— not much this year 

— someone undecided; whether he knows everything or nothing 

— anything he wants to be 

— a person who should receive privileges as a result of his hard work and service 

— the class of the school, the life of the parry, and the bubble of the beer world 



"Shall we work together — or destroy our world?" 
Likes — Tarsha, parties, money, weekends. Dislikes — 
prejudice, homework, being bored, ignorance. Usually 
seen with — Cohasset Metco Students and others. Ambi- 
tion — to become an executive secretary. Noted for — 
always being in school; when I'm there. Favorite hangout 
— Mrs. Burns' office, Senior High girls room. Remem- 
bers most — 8/2/74, Mr. Gilmartin's science class, cer- 
tain people on Harvard Street. Activities — Third World 
Society, chorus. 



"The secret of contentment is to settle for half a measure 
before the cup runs over and makes a mess." 
Likes — Field hockey, E. Falmouth, Lokie's Ravioli, the 
big bad buick, Ralph Jameson, being content, and Mr. 
Gilmartin. Dislikes — my height, losing, cold weather, 
people who don't know what they want, being confused, 
and getting upset. Usually seen with — All my buddies. 
Remembers most — August '75, 7/5/75, New Year's 
with Linda, the great switch at D.H. with Lee and Marg, 
7/6/75, THE CHASE, F. R., and talks with Theresa. 
Wants to forget most — missing 16th, Stevie's chevie, a 
couple miles north of Cohasset, changing my mind one 
too many times. Noted for — my height and being gulli- 
ble. Activities — Field hockey 1-4 (Co-Capt), Basketball 
2, Softball 1, 2, Student Council 4, Yearbook 4, Rousers 


"Live life a little bit at a time." 
Likes — J. S., walking along the ocean, the Cape 
(Cahoons Hollow), chocolate, April vacations, air- 
port terminals, Powder puff, football, victory 
parades, skiing. Dislikes — Snobby people, rainy 
days, spoiled brats, final exams, falling off ski lifts, 
saying good-bye, curly hair, waiting. Wants to forget 
most — surprise interview on television. Favorite 
expression — "Leave me alone," "shut-up Cindi," 
"what a snob." Twenty years from now — I will be 
very well off, living in a big house, with a good job, 
and a family. Remembers most — February 14, 1974, 
Dayona Beach, being a Senior. Cause of death — suf- 
focation. Activities — Field hockey 2, Powder puff 3, 
4, Rousers 4. 


"Chuck," "Art" 
"It took twelve years, but I made it." Likes — Hunting, 
camping, Mr. MacDonald, Kristen, weekends, almost 
everyone, raccoons. Wants to forget most — my car acci- 
dent on August 7. Usually seen with — Main, Tony, 
Mike, Joe, Kristen, Wirtho, Jack. Remembers most — 
April 7, 8, 11 and August 7, 16, and 17. Ambition — To 
travel the U.S. again and live out west for a while. Noted 
for — giving kids rides and lending out money. Secret 
desire — If I said what that was, it wouldn't be a secret 
anymore, would it? 


"If you are going to hang around at all, hang around 
right." Likes — Sue C, pizza, Michs, Concerts, money, 
Zep, Elton, Cruising, teasing Boumont, Red Sox, week- 
ends, Kris, The Vehicle, Leather coats, good rave, Scotts. 
Dislikes — school lunches, bad raves, messy rooms, 
going to school, staying after, getting caught by Mr. 
Boumont. Favorite expression — How in Hell are ya. 
Usually seen with — Hoff Coop, Mac, Bo, Pipe, Smiley, 
Dan The Man, Chuck, Main, Wayne, K. B. Ambition — 
To be a rock star. Favorite Hangout — Sandy Beach. 
Treasured possession — 9/11/75 "Hots Talks" at Sandy. 
Activities — Hockey 4, Marshall 4. 


"It matters not how long we live, but how." Likes — Ed 
(10/25/75), Diamond and Ruby rings, laughing, the 
ocean, new clothes, eating, Capris, Gwen, Pam, Joe, 
Jason, George B. Dislikes — Having no money, getting 
fat, people who are never on time, getting pictures taken, 
the navy. Remembers most — 11/26/75, Beach Boy and 
Chicago concert '75, fireballs, Martha's Vineyard, Ed. 
Ambition — to marry someone wealthy enough to afford 
me and my clothes. Noted for — laughing all the time, 
and flirting. Favorite Expression — y'all, you're awful, 
son-of-a-gun, you're no fun. 




"When all else fails, fake it." Wants to forget most — A 
Saturday night in Hull, Hugo's. Twenty years from now 

— 20 years older, wiser, and richer. Ambition — to sail 
around the world. Noted for — not being noted for any- 
thing. Favorite hangout — planet earth. Cause of death 

— run over by a garbage truck. Treasured Possession — 
my body. Activities — Football 1 - 3 and Swim Team 2. 


"Somewhere baby there's a life worth living 
Where nobody takes more than they are giving." Likes 
— my family, white cougars, sailing, sunset on the city 
of Boston, feasts in the North End, catching flies, my 
family up town. Dislikes — long practices, sprints, 
breaking my glasses. Wants to forget most — crash land- 
ing in a Saab. Favorite expression — For # #$%? sake! 
Usually seen with — anyone and everyone. Noted for — 
mumbling. Favorite hangout — The Northend. Activi- 
ties — Field Hockey 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4, Powderpuf f . 


"Look around and choose your own ground, For long you 
live and high you fly, And smiles you give and tears 
you'll cry, And all you touch and all you see, Is all your 
life will ever be." Likes — remember when's, "the 
room," walking on the beach, summer smells in the win- 
ter, the ocean, skiing, surprises, the truth, sparkling eyes 
and smiles, all nighters. Dislikes — arguing with Ann, 
sand sticking to "the grease," loud cars, asking for rides, 
the moustache, cateyes, and fat rave, not having money, 
climbing fences Remembers most — summer 74, 4/15/ 
74, dippin', "secrets," Annabelle, the Blue Bomb, What's 
CP. patrol? the 4 incher, "Hold up the roof!", Williston, 
Sandy Beach, losing shorts. Mama's Donuts. Wants to 
forget — 1/1/75 in Plymouth, N.H., 14 too many, when 
Walter did it in the corner. 



"The greatest sin is not to care or not to make the 
effort." Likes — silence, running, people who really care, 
"Roses not weeds," organization, truthfulness. Dislikes 
— making decisions, doing homework, people who build 
themselves up by knocking others down, headaches. 
Wants to forget most — the time I didn't quite make it, 
U/17/75. Noted for — calm reactions. Secret Desire — 
Canada that Summer. Cause of Death — Norfolk Hill. 
Remembers most — summer '74, 5/4/74, "the pieman 
cometh," the soap opera. Activities — Track 1 - 4, Cross 
Country 2 - 4, Chorus 1 - 4, Powderpuff 3 - 4, Straits 
Pond Project 1-2. 


"One has to run very fast to stay in the same place." 
Likes — Triple Jump, Debating, Latin III - Iv, language 
lab studies. Dislikes — AP English papers, classes first 
period, cross-country races, low slung electric outlets. 
Remembers Most — The TV A, 43'2", 2 days — 2 AP 
Tests. Activities — Track 3, Basketball 2, Cross Country 
1, Debating 4, Language Lab 3, Band 4. 


"I believe in only two things in life, sex and death, they 
only happen once in life." — Woody Allen. Likes — S. 
M., my family, Jazz, Bruebcck. Dislikes — ravers, the 
beach. Wants,to forget most — V. N. (just kidding). 
Twenty years from now — probably still working. Usu- 
ally seen with — S. M. and crew, A. H., W. T, Ginzo. 
Favorite Hangout — the clubhouse. 


"Mark," "Buck," (J- D.) 
"One who in a perilous emergency thinks with his legs." 
Likes — Soccer, Basketball, A.I.Y., Math, B.C. parties, 
Mich, getting the gullies, the tank. Dislikes — M.S., los- 
ing, English papers, being bored, applications. Wants to 
forget most — Winny's party, J. D., Duxbury 8-0, Sum- 
mer League, certain English teacher, Twelve Night, 
Red's Golf Rave, Car dying at beach. Remembers most 
— Whitey's Spring party, Norwell's — last second pass 
to Red, outdoor school '74, weekend 10/4, George's. 
Twenty Years From Now — Taking over presidency of 
A.I.Y. from Bert. Usually seen with — Baretta, Red, the 
tank. Ambition — to build my own house — get the red 
shirt. Activities — Soccer 2 - 4, Basketball 1 • 4, Band 1 - 
4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Co- Editor 4. 



"It is not what he has, nor even what he does, that directly 
expresses the worth of a man, but what he is " Likes — S. J., sum- 
mer, the beach, fires, walking, autumn, the rave, lasagna, going 
chinking, remember whens, swimming, weddings, eyes, meeting 
people, phone calls. Dislikes — saying goodbye, moving, being 
depressed, ice cream, bananas, being late Remembers Most — 5/ 
26/75, Summer of '75, B. B. and C. C, New Year's Eve, Dis- 
missal note, the log in Marita's way, Bcth's logic and physical 
ability, 9/21 /75, the rose, 10/6/75, a trip to the airport, a Merry 
Christmas, flying hubcaps, 4/8/75 — an unexpected meeting, 
plans with Marita. Ambition — To come home on time. Secret 
Desire — To solve the mystery of the rose. Treasured Possession 
— My cedar box. Usually Seen With — Marita, Beth, Priscilla. 
Activities — Rouscrs A, Powderpuff 4, Class Play 4, Donkey Bas- 
ketball 4, Yearbook. 


"I hate the joint." Likes — Cars and boats, 9:00 coffee 
breaks. Dislikes — Getting yelled at and getting heck for 
something I didn't do. Wants to Forget Most — 9th 
grade with Mr. Blaise, and shop for getting blamed for 
something I didn't do. Twenty Years From Now — To 
be a welder. Usually Seen With — Marybeth and Karen. 
Ambition — To race cars and to build one. Cause of 
Death — Smash-up. Treasured Possession — My truck. 


"You who think you know it all are very annoying to 
those of us who do." Likes — Southie, Aerosmith, ZZ 
Top, Earth Wind and Fire, Toll House Cookies, parties, 
Soul Train, Monty Python's Flying Circus, having a good 
time. Dislikes — Cohasset, liars, snobs, getting up early, 
slugs (cuzzy), small cars, being told what to do, fights. 
Wants To Forget Most — 8/31/75, Cohasset, school 
lunches, CHS. Favorite Expression — Like I ain't, Right? 
Wercs! Alright! Usually Seen With — Josie, Eileen-zo, 
Missy, Lisa. Pet Peeve — People who dance with no 
rhythm, Ronnie D. when he talks on the phone. Cause 
of Death — laughing. 

"Tiptoe" and "Women Beater" 
Likes — Nice people, traveling, and money. Favorite 
Expression — There lies death said MacBeth. Usually 
Seen With — Dan, Tony, Brian, and the young ladies. 
Ambition — a disc jockey or an actor. Favorite Hangout 
— the Gym. Worst Horrow Show — Some of the girls 
in school. Cause of Death — The rickets. Activities — 
Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, and Broad- 


"If you sleaze you'll win with ease." Likes — Fun and 
good times, Mr. "D," Aerosmith, concerts, parties, sum- 
mer nights, rowdy people, and Pantera's Dislikes — R. 
D., cliques, morons, ravers, liars. Favorite Expression — 
"wercs." Usually Seen With — M. S„ E. F., D. C, M. C, 
L. R., C. A., L. H., and everyone else. Noted for — crack- 
ing up my classes! Secret Desire — To succeed in what- 
ever I do! Cause of Death — laughing 


"Therese," "Tree" 
"No man ever injured his eyesight by looking on the 
bright side of things." Likes — My family, Ralph Jame- 
son, cracking my gum, tea, the seashore, good times, 
coming from a big family, Mr. Gilmartin. Dislikes — 
snobbery, getting razzed about my height, being misun- 
derstood, being confused, my temper, goodbyes, being 
eleven years younger. Remembers Most — Dressing the 
star, Tonto, weekends at the cottage, long talks with Liz- 
zie, 4 a.m., a lil' ride, E.S.P., the weasel, friends who have 
moved, being "Dear Abby," parties and chinkin'. Wants 
To Forget Most — my car dying and dying and dying, 
Advanced Bio., cast parry rave, chorus with B. B., depres- 
sion, deadlines, getting ripped-off. Favorite Expression 

— "And there it was — gone!", "Gee whiz, thanks a 
lot!" Usually Seen With — good friends, my mouth 
open. Noted For — being late, motor mouth. Activities 

— Rousers 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Future 
Nurses Club 1 - 4, Powder Puff 3, 4, Class Play 1 - 4. 


Likes — skiing, Bruce Springsteen, Redsox, George Ben- 
son, tennis, BBB, snow, bones, honesty, jazz. Dislikes — 
Clar, Gym, litterbugs, no bones, ravers. Twenty years 
from now — retired. Usually Seen With — Gary, Steve, 
Al, David, Blake, and all the other people. Ambition — 
to live in Europe. Remembers Most — 9/26/75, Eng- 
land. Cause of Death — lack of red blood cells. Activities 
— Football 1 - 3, Chess Club 1. 



"I am my own fantasy come true." Likes — being alone, 
the imps, plant runs, disputing the "funny ideas" of Mr. 
Collins, the Dinah-Jane crew Dislikes — answering the 
telephone, never having enough time, looking for peo- 
ple, people who are "bored with life" and who are too 
apathetic to change. Wants to forget most — a bad mis- 
calculation in Mechanical Drawing class. Pet Peeve — 
people who blow cigarette smoke in my face. Remem- 
bers Most — English with Mr. Reade, Sept.. '74, days 
when the peppermint king reigned, a Halloween parry at 
Camp Inertia. Secret Desire — to catch a leprechaun by 
the beard. Treasured Possession — one spedal rose given 
to me by a much admired friend. Activities — Horticul- 
ture Club, Alternative School, Art's Editor of the High 


"Woe unto him who cannot bear to be alone." Likes — 
my friends, "Roses not weeds," the Bruins and the 
Flyers, green apples and sour oranges, Jethro Tull, Hal- 
loween, my cat, being rowdie, my parents and summer. 
Dislikes — cold weather, goodbyes, getting up early, get- 
ting lost and having fights. Wants to forget most — 9/ 
19/75, misunderstandings, and some problems this year, 
4/18/74. Favorite expression — "What's there to eat?" 
Ambition — to live on a farm. Remembers most — Can- 
ada '73, Florida '75, the beach, many parties, R. H. 


"I've met things head on, I have tried to get around 
things, I have succeeded and failed, but until my death I 
will not know if I succeeded in vain or failed to my best 
advantage, my wish is to look back and be happy." 
N.F.C. Likes — moving quickly, concrete achievements, 
and my family, chiquitas, traveling, being critical, kon- 
tini, independence, and not worrying. Dislikes — run- 
ning elections, difficult courses, breakdowns, authority, 
report cards, unexpected troubles, and worrying. Twenty 
years from now — I'll be 37. Remembers most — hitch- 
ing west, the four, the great run, Whitehead, an 
unnamed girl, first experiences, doing this. Usually seen 
with — Rich, Lisa, Dewey, Bo, Beth. Ambition — to be 
the most successful of the "successful" lawyers. Treas- 
ured Possession — letter of acceptance from a college. 
Activities — Soccer 1, Basketball 1 - 4, Student Advisory 
Board 3, Student Council Pres. 4. 


Likes — Snow skiing, New Hampshire, the Big W., 
bowling, water skiing. Dislikes — the Ducks. Remem- 
bers Most — the, summer of '74. Usually seen with — 
Mean Dean, Ryan, Steve. Ambition — To be successful 
in life. Noted For — Being reliable. Activities — Soccer 
2, 3,4, Band 1, 3,4. 



Likes — TJC, TDC, friendly people, mustangs. Dislikes 
— snobby people, JS, RD. Wants to Forget Most — 9th 
grade English class, Scituate summer school. Usually 
Seen With — TJC, TDC, MS, JC, DC. 


"The only way to have a friend, is to be one." Likes — 
My family and friends, ice cream, sunrises, waterskiing, 
T.H., Ind., snow, Barney. Dislikes — moving, bossy peo- 
ple. Remembers most — Maine, "mingle mingle", tea, 
trip to Indy, ping-pong, buying, cloves. Wants to forget 
most — Screwdrivers,5/31/74, a certain Saturday nite in 
July '75. Treasured possession — my tennis shoes. 


Quote — "When God puts a tear in my eye it's because 
he wants to put a rainbow in my heart." My family and 
cous, Roger and everyone at work, B., skiing, summer, 
Florida, "Stairway to Heaven," cold duck, tennis, a cer- 
tain person, dreams, beach rave. Dislikes — arguments, 
bad weekends, getting up, death, secrets, being sad, lies, 
being caught, locking keys in car, small town talk. Wants 
to forget most — Al's Spaghetti House, falling through 
certain door, certain accidents, Drug Store Rave, certain 
parties, skiing at Sunapee, fingers slammed in locker, a 
certain weekend. Usually Seen With — Friends 
(L,M,T,B,M,D,N,N — etc.). Noted For — getting hurt 
or breaking something, laugh. Remembers most — Oct. 
4, '74, working for Doc, M.H., birthday that wasn't. New 
Year's cue and X-mas 75 P.B., a certain house, the chase, 
not remembering, St.A's, Pete-town, leaving rubber, are 
you tired?, and moons, June 9, 1975, July 3, 4, 5 — *75, 
Aug. 10, 1975, 9/22/75 — OB's acting. Flying, being 
spoiled. Activities — Field hockey — 1,2, Softball. — I, 
2, Yearbook Staff (Advertiser) — 4, Powder Puff — 3, 
Class Play — 4. 


"The line it is drawn 
The curse it is cast 
The slow one now will 
Later be fast. 
As the present now 
Will later be past 
The order is rapidly f adin' 
And the first one now 
Will later be last 

For the times they are a-changin'." 

"Dec," "Di" 

"It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with 
punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am 
the captain of my soul." Likes — pizza, the beach, gym, 
the fall, doritos, animals, "D.D.A.," my boss, "the 
zebra." Dislikes — waiting, baseball, wags, frocks, slugs, 
writing letters, snakes, M. R., good-byes. Wants to For- 
get Most — mash, Log & Pine at 5 a.m., freezing at 
Big's, hitting George, a certain ski trip. Remembers Most 
— 4/10/75, nights at the L's, Rama, 9/16/74, the list, 
the clover. Ambition — to get organized. Noted For — 
insanity, talking too much. Secret Desire — To meet 
Shar on Broadway. Activities — Future Nurses Club 2, 
Social Action 1 - 3, Work Study 4, Rousers 4, Powder- 
puff 4. 


"Afoot and light hearted I take to the open road, healthy, 
free, the world before me, the long brown path leading 
wherever I choose." Likes — Boston, music, sports, cars, 
sunsets, airplanes, cats, an, Spanish, driving cars, sum- 
mer, New England. Dislikes — college boards, research 
papers, cold Massachussets weather. Wants to forget 
most — Ellen saying "More sand, more sand, hurry, 
hurry" with an English accent, a certain white 240z in 
Kennebunkport. Usually seen with — Ellen, Maria, 
Harry, Lynne, Cathy, Caroline, Jennifer, Missy, Renee, 
Kay, and the Saturday Night Crowd. Pet Peeve — 
obnoxious drivers who blow their horns. Noted for — 
frizzy hair. Worst Horror show — Quincy Registry. 


"New be af raid to say what is in your heart and release the spark, for some- 
times u bevomes a flame, at which someone you love, or someone you 
hardly know, san warm their hands for months to tome " Likes — My fam- 
ily, skim*. MaMV Simon A Ciarf unkel, ravin' with Louie L . dusk. Sug B. 
getting letters. Maine Dislikes — Big diny feet. R S and J M . being 
bored, orange marmalade, seeing good friends leave. RLIP Remembers 
Most — l>artmouth Winter Carnival 75, Night in "D." the good times 
with M .1 W . Pmm 75, Sandie Balk 7J, Concert "75, Sr Class Play 75, 1 / 
24^S Wants to Forget Most — Putting a dent in the front-fender of the 
car. LAI. crew, t 00 A M . DJ vs RM. l/l /75, "That Night" at Al's. break- 
down m a little green V W Usually Seen With — Marg, Lisa, Pammy, Car- 
ne. lars Ms. Kath. Snow Pet Peeve — Having my hair ripped out by Donna 
and Margaret in Marine Biology Ainvincs — Rousers 4. Powdcrpuff. Sr 
Class Play 4. Ski Club 2. Office 1 4 



"I am not in the role of common men." Likes — Air- 
planes, Pitts, specials, f8f-Bearcats, Corvettes, "Oranges," 
Hazel eyed blondes, A-4D, Losing sleep, good-byes, fix- 
ing flat tires, crosswinds. Wants to Forget Most — A cer- 
tain letter, Getting kicked out of Chem — 6/8/75. 
Favorite Expression — What a day for flying. Twenty 
Years From Now — Sitting in the Left Seat of an Ameri- 
can Airlines 747 with lots of Stewardesses. Usually Seen 
With — Tim, Buck, Lonny, O'B, anyone else that wants 
to be seen with me. E.S.S.T. (Early SuperSonic Trans- 
port) Ha! Ha! Remembers Most — 4th quarter, 11th 
grade. Missing the bus and finding a ride home. Summer 
'75 — Lifting with O'B. Activities — Hockey 1 - 4, Base- 
ball 2, Football 1. 


"This could be such a beautiful world if we could all care 
just a little more and fear just a little less " Likes — My 
Italian friend, my family, special members of the class of 
1978, walks along snow covered beaches, being happy. 
Dislikes — fights with Tim. losing in field hockey and 
basketball, people who can eat anything and not gain 
weight, A P English papers, yearbook deadlines, not 
keeping in touch with friends Wants to Forget Most — 
pains of growing up. Usually Seen With — frizzy hair. 
Noted for — not understanding anyone's jokes. Ambi- 
tion — To grow up, remain happy, and someday find 
enough time to do everything Remembers Most — Tim, 
my friends, and the "Pieman Cometh." Activities — 
Field Hockey 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4 (cape). Powderpuff 
3, 4, National Honor Society 3 (vice-pres.) 4, Yearbook 
(co-editor), Secretary of Senior Class. 



"Wcxxi already touched by fire is not hard to set alight." 
Likes — the little imps, Sam, my family, a Sunday kind 
of love, white roses, sword fishing boats. Crazy Scott, 
714, slow burning fires. Wants to Forget Most — when 
the car died on 128, banana on the stove, the night Dona- 
hue was wrong (the coat took a swim) Favorite expres- 
sion — "Jack, what do you think of that one!'" Remem- 
bers Most — Driving back from Amherst. St. M. with 
Sam, Sasaloma, weekend in Wellcsey, Halloween '74, 
Unicorn on Beach Street, parties at Michael S., days of 
wine and roses, plant runs, "Lude" people. Schizoid days, 
3/5/75, Bell Buoy, night of the corner pocket, Fraser 
Ambition — To fit the square peg into the round hole. 
Noted For — Falling in love at least once a week. Treas- 
ured Possession — My little Black Book. 

"Ben," "Gumby" 
"Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven." Likes — 
Easy marking teachers, looking into mirrors, movies, 
vacations. Dislikes — Driving into Boston, listening to 
Red's golf rave, warming benches, sprints. Wants to For- 
get Most — car dying at SB, 6/19, West Bridgewater 
game. Usually Seen With — Buck, Red, Baretta, Steve. 
Remembers Most — Latin III with Big T. Activities — 
Baseball 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4, Football 1, NTFL4. 

■558 1 


"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot 
change, the courage to change the things I can. and the 
wisdom to know the difference." Likes — Pat, ice cream, 
beaches, summertime, coming from a big family, 
suprises, Christmas, my friends, remember whens, fires, 
and pizza. Dislikes — snobiness, gossip, worrying, feel- 
ing guilty, dieting. Remembers Most — 6/14/74, New 
Years Eve, B.B.&C.C, Summer of '75, my 7th birthday, 9 
/21/75, the log, flying hubcaps, dismissal note. Wants 
to forget most — driving to Foxboro Usually seen with 
— Pat, Diann, Beth. Priscilla. Ambition — to save 
money Noted for — sunburns. Activities — Softball 1. 
Student Council 2. Powderpuff 3. 4, Yearbook 4. Work 
Study 4. Class Play 



"Every day that comes, comes once in a lifetime." Likes 

— water. Mullet Bay, wrought iron gates, MJ, airports, 
Lanie's humor. Dislikes — stubborn people, Puerto Rico, 
writing letters. Secret desire — to beat someone in tennis. 
Wants to forget most — Sailing club. Remembers most 

— blue sweater, Sandy Cove, hush puppies. 



"You only go around once in life, so you've got to grab 
for all the gusto you can get." Likes — Foxy Ladies, the 
Atlantic Ocean, Cameras, Camus, Canadian Imports, 
Cobham, Corea, Comfort, and Companionship. Dislikes 
— Sleep, Getting up, Due dates, and Dark rooms. Wants 
to remember most — French with the village strong 
man. Favorite hangout — My office. Secret desire — to 
find a mermaid. Cause of death — choking on a baked 


"It is better to appear stupid and keep your mouth shut, 
than to open it and remove all doubt." Likes — Marita, 
hockey, scuba-diving, beaches, ice-cubes, bon-fires, sun- 
sets, roast beef, the ocean, pizza. Dislikes — wearing 
shoes, CC, morning practices, slush, cold showers. Wants 
to forget most — breaking bones, MGH, brace. (June 3, 
1975), red face, history, being stranded, trip to Foxboro 
(5 hrs.). Remembers most — 6/14/75, Florida, Deerfield 
Beach, summer of '75, soapsuds. Activities — Hockey 1, 
3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4. 



"Stay Good" Likes — TB, dancing, Surf, Aerosmith, 
weekends, Sandy Beach — New Hampshire, skiing, my 
family, clothes, pizza. Dislikes — rainy days, R.D., get- 
ting caught. Favorite Expression — What are you doing? 
Usually seen with — Lisa, Josie, Lynn, Eileen, Dama, 
Johnny, Christie, Lisa. Remembers most — Canada, 
school ski trip, Sebago Lake — Maine, 10/14/75 — Sou- 
thie. Wants to forget most — 10/16/75. Favorite Hang- 
out — Surf, Hull, Sciruate. 

"Fleo," "Uncle Fleo" 
"If it feels good do it." Likes — Arlene, Christmas, 65 
Chevy, Ma and Pa Marks, Winny in the hand, Tony's 
Pizza, Raving, Idea of leaving school forever. Wants to 
forget most — summer school, 4 weeks in the summer of 
75. Usually seen with — Arlene, Peter F., Carmelo, 
Quaggs, Sylvester. Ambition — To be anything but a gas 
pumper. Dislikes — pumping gas, rainy days and Mon- 
days, working Saturdays and Sundays. Cause of death — 
To many butts. Favorite expression — Go Nuts. 


"Lise"; Lee 

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay 
the price to make them come true." Likes — to laugh, 
skating, The Dance Lady, my family, olives, funny peo- 
ple, roast beef sub, fall days, skiing, suntans, sincerity, 
long talks, Preppies. Dislikes — saying good-bye, humid- 
ity, frizzies, Pea green anything, People who crack their 
knuckles, wedgies, hypocrites, arguing, people who chew 
ice cubes, people who are conceited, having no self-confi- 
dence. Remembers most — The Rips, SSMC '75, Prom 
'73, "The Great Switch at D.H.," Sept. 12, 1975, After 
cast party '75, class of '73, night in "D," Homecoming 
75-76, Michigan '68, THE CHASE, talks with J.S. Wants 
to forget most — a couple of miles north of Cohasset. 
Favorite expression — "That's Cool"; "Psych . . . 
edelic." Usually seen with — Margaret, Cindy, Leslie, 
Pam, Carrie, Kati, Robin, Rich, Noel, Snow. Noted for 
— Wrap job. Causes of death — FROST BITE and Bone 



"Education is the root of all evil." Likes — N. B., fish- 
ing, flying, Saturday mornings, gas money, CHS audito- 
rium, munchin'. Dislikes — U.S. govt., drinking, CHS, 
Scituate, B. E., raves in the office. Wants to forget most 
— 8/23/74. Remembers most — summer of '75, plays at 
Cohasset. Usually seen with — Buzz, Mush, Dom, 
Nong, Pink Panther. Secret Desire — to own a planta- 
tion. Worst horror show — A.C.'s house. Activities — 
Polarbears, Stage. 

-1 T 



"The greatest unexplored area lies under your hat." Likes 

— sunsets, track, quiet, walks on the beach, snow, travel- 
ing, the ocean, cold windy days, flying kites, skiing, 
French dinners, sailing, old sweatshirts, Bill Cosby, 
sweaters, camping. Dislikes — pressures, saying good- 
bye, phoney people, making decisions, being bored, get- 
ting up early, fighting with my family. Remembers most 

— 5/31/75, Penn relays, summer of '74, Mt. Wash., 
Madison Squ. Garden, Camp Wing, a "peanut butter 
jar." Wants to forget most — making chocolate eclairs, 
spiking myself, warm orange juice, wearing braces. 
Ambition — to bike all around the world. Noted for — 
being late, laziness, a sense of direction. Secret desire — 
Canada THAT summer. Activities — Field Hockey 1 - 4, 
Basketball 2, Softball 1, Track 2 - 4, Camp Wing 2, Year- 
book Staff 4, High Times Staff 4, Powderpuff 3 - 4, 
Straits Pond Project 1 - 2, Rowsers 4. 

"Mouse and Frybryd" 
"When you wish upon a star dreams will take you very 
far, but when you wish upon a dream life ain't always 
what it seems." Earth, Wind, and Fire. Likes — Sharee, 
Jason, music, friendly people, home ec., Chinese food, 
having fun, and cheese. Dislikes — school lunches, and 
snobs. Wants to forget most — seventh grade science 
and ninth grade history. Usually seen with — Karen, 
Darlene Gleaves, Corlis, Cheryl, Darlene A. Ambition — 
to be a nurse. Noted for — squeaky voice. Favorite hang- 
out — Mrs. Burns' office. Activities — Chorus, Future 
Nurses Club, Third World Society. Majorettes. 


"What's your problem?" Likes — parties, foxes, nice 
cars, Alt. School. Dislikes — jocks, CHS. Favorite expres- 
sion — "Are you all right!" Remembers most — parties 
at Joe's and Kathy's. Ambition — to be a master 
plumber. Noted for — the Leather Look, galaxy 500, 
"the witches." Favorite hangout — my babe's house, 
Sandy beach. Cause of death — brain damage. Activities 
— embroidery. 

Time it was. 
And what a time it was. 
It was . . . 
A time of innocence 
' A time of confidences 
Long ago ... it must be . . 
I have a photograph. 
Preserve your memories; 
They're all that's left you." 
Paul Simon 

"Lorri" or "Gibbs" 
"We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe 
each other a terrible loyalty." Likes — skiing, scuba div- 
ing, winning football games, driving the car, doing term 
papers, traveling, the Red Sox, beer, parties, the Beach, 
M.S.J. Dislikes — English classes, practices, being nag- 
ged, homework, getting mad, cleaning my room, bailing 
out the boat. Wants to forget most — 7/1/75, Softball 
season '74. Usually seen with — my diving gear, Marie, 
Maggie, Nancy, Beth, the Datsun, Alison. Remembers 
most — The last day of High School, Heidi, West Point, 
Bill. Favorite expression — "ALLRIIGGGHHT " Activ- 
ities — field hockey 1 - 2, basketball 1 - 2, Softball 1 - 4, 
class play 4, powder puff 3 - 4, yearbook I. 



"Cush," "AT 

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is 
only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is 
essential is invisible to the eye." Likes — Maine, people, 
the night, oceans, theater, yellow, poetry, receiving mail, 
sailing, roast beef, subs with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and 
mayonnaise Dislikes — phony people, my moodiness, 
extremities in weather, clothes shopping, books, report 
cards, ketchup, relish, pickles. Favorite expression — 
"Beam " Ambition — to get my master's in social work 
and then to help rehabilitate my four friends in the 
house of corrections. Noted for — my laugh. Secret 
desire — to live' Worst horror show — watching four 
good friends being hauled off to the house of correction 
by Randy. Jr Activities — Field Hockey 1 ■ 2, Basketball 
1 ■ 2, Softball 2 - 4, Powderpuff 4, Chorus 1 - 4, Senior 
Ensemble 2, Yearbook 4, Rousers 4, Senior Class Play 3 ■ 
4, donkey basketball 4, Varsity Club 4. 



"Take care of your own business, before you start taking 
care of somebody else's." Likes — socializing, good 
music, parties, sloggin, handsome young black men, get- 
ting out of classes. Dislikes — Mr. Mika, ignorant peo- 
ple, the colors at CHS, MATH, first year in CHS, and 
people who try to act cool. Usually seen with — Wilma, 
Darlene, Corlis, Karen, Carol. Paulette. Missy and Renee. 
Noted for — taking my time, being disorganized. Favor- 
ite hangout — senior girls room, Mrs. Burns' office. 
Secret desire — to see a black man become president of 
the United States. Cause of death — eating too many 
plums. Activities — health club, high times meeting, 
third world society. 

"Nanc," "Goofa" 
"With each rising sun, think of your life as just begin- 
ning, show kindness and love today, or tomorrow's 
chance may be lost." Likes — Sandy beach, spaghetti, my 
friends, chinking, making the rounds, stairway to heaven, 
munching, parrying, soaps, green apples, good raves, late 
nights. Dislikes — not looking my age, immature people, 
hot dogs, snobs, waiting, cream horns, moody people, 
crazy drivers, curfews. Wants to forget most — a few 
raves, J and A, victory parades. Favorite expression — 
"Walk much?" and "Talk much?" Noted for — being 
short, complaining, occasional cockiness. Remembers 
most — certain parties, great raves, 3B, the room, the 
crash, d- summer of '74, the log, hopping, 8/16/75. 
Activities — Field Hockey 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4, Softball 
1, 2, Powderpuff 4. 


"Marg,""H L." 
"Words can mean I want to make you a friend, silence 
can mean I accept you as already being one." Likes — 
field hockey, preppies, Italians, 6&T's, chocolate marsh- 
mallow ice cream, fall days, roastbeef subs, my family, 
alligator shirts. Dislikes — beating up Leslie, people 
with no sense of humor, wedgies. Wants to forget most 

— a couple miles north of Cohasset. Favorite expression 

— "What's happening," "That's cool." Usually seen 
with — Lisa, Leslie, Cindy, Pam, Carrie, Lizzie, Robin, 
Snow Remembers most — Homecoming at GO, Lisa, 
"The Great Switch" at D. H., 7/21/74, "The Chase." 
Noted for — cockiness, sense of direction — "D." Activ- 
ities — Field Hockey 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4. 

"Jen," "Jenna" 
"When love divides, it multiplies." Likes — my family, 
singing, J.G.N. , Arcadia Nat'l Park, Quaddy Head, squir- 
rels, horses. Dislikes — driving fast, rabbit holes, long 
grass, fruit flies. Remembers most — S's parties, fog- 
horns at Quaddy, summer '75. Wishes to forget most — 
four "bloodies" in one day, coming down Cadillac in a 
fog. Usually seen with — Suzy, Caroline, Ellen, Susan, et 


"You only go around once in life, so grab for all the 
gusto you can." Likes — "UP's," hockey, surfing, Monty 
Python, Red Sox. Dislikes — early morning practices, 
Sunday mornings, Miss C. Twenty years from now — 
will still not be famous. Wants to forget most — Oct. 
18 Secret desire — to surf a 100 foot wave Remembers 
most — Al's on Oct. 18th. Favorite expression — "Mat- 
ter of fact." Activities — Hockey 1 - 4, Soccer 1 



"Oh. yes. please!" Likes — skiing. America, playing the 
guitar, singing, girls. Dislikes — liquor Wants to forget 
most — Hugo's dishroom. Twenty Years from now — 
on the moon. Usually seen with — John Mailers, Mau- 
reen. Secret desire — skiing and playing the guitar. 
Worst horror show — Scooby Doo Activities — Soccer, 
Marching Band, Jazz-Rock Band 

'J 4 


"Nothing is waste that makes a memory " Likes — rain- 
bows, strawberry sundaes, BBHB, dimples, golden sun- 
shine, twinkles. Ann Abelle. the South, S.G.F., pool hop- 
pin' at Trudies and assorted places Dislikes — a whiter 
shade of pale, cold feet, rubber cement, criticisms from a 
certain complainer, claustrophobia, the racing stripe, 
waviness, being all alone, chucking the bone. Remem- 
bers most — Joe Walsh concerts, Jethro Tull, MJSC, the 
gay smile, pulling fuzzies off sweaters, keeping them 
sharpened, all nighters, banana hooks. Wants to forget 
most — So what's up' silent nights. Otis' place, a certain 
boarder, fly tier. New Year's '75, 4/18/74, swimming 
rats, a certain Floridian. Favorite expression — "You 
oughta be shot!" Greatest horror show — the Plymouth 
Inn with the itchy foot. Ambition — to squeeze the real 
Pillsbury dough boy. 


"I have learned that there are no limits to my efforts, 
unless I limit myself." Likes — laughter, people, water, 
children, the wind. Dislikes — pants without p<xkets, 
sitting in front of a classroom. Wants to forget most — 
English. Remembers most — 9/5/72, back of bus rave, 
Sandy Cove. Favorite expression — What's it to ya? 
Noted for — Walkin' and talkin' funny. 

"Hoff," "Dug" 
"I live to hold communication." Likes — Brussels 
sprouts, Dave's "57" Chevy, sleeping late, easy money, 
sleazy days, brew, slender women. Dislikes — No brus- 
sels sprouts, short summers, big eggers, slow vessels, 
over rated acts. Usually seen with — Dave, Tony, Rich, 
Chucky, Will. Ambition: To get the right land and right 
amount. Favorite hangout — Mother earth and the 
ocean. Activities — Basketball 1 - 3, Vo. Tech. 2, Chorus 
L, Marshall 4. 



Likes — New Hampshire, bluegrass, sailing, Autumn 
and windy days. Dislikes — Wilton, Conn., frizz, dances. 
Cause of death — whiplash at Hanover with Sue and 
Karin. Favorite expression — Oh yeah' Remembers most 
— Getting lost in the backwoods of Franconia with Peg. 
Wants to forget most — Blue Death and Wyler's lemo- 
nade Ambition — To finish CATCH-22. 




"The temple of our purest thoughts is — silence." Likes 
— S. C. D., my friends, Judy's "owl earrings," ice, ski 
trips, country farms, ping-pong, camping, surprises, 
weekends. Jethro Tull. my guitar, sopie, long journeys, 
honeysuckles Dislikes — Backing into parked cars, sum- 
mer good-byes, arguments, liver, Chinking, mosquitoes. 
Wants to forget most — Almost losing a friend, going 
down the ski lift, 10/22/73, Jordan Marsh. Remembers 
most — Canada 73-*74, Beach Boys, and Chicago 1/75, 
12/22/70, Rich Little, O.J.R., Fireballs, certain accident 
on Jason. Treasured Possession — my privacy. Favorite 
expression — "Forget it," "You've got to be kidding." 
Activities — Rousers 4. 


I meant to do my work today — 
But a brown bird sang in an apple tree, 
And a butterfly flitted across the field, 
And all the leaves were calling me. 

And the wind sighing over the land 
Tossing grasses to and fro, 
And a rainbow held out its shining hand — 
So what could I do but laugh and go? 

— R. LeGalliene 


"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity." 
Likes — to laugh, moustaches, ice cream, gum, woolen 
socks and sweaters, fall, my family, sun, sailing, coffee 
brandy, pistachios, clogs, reading in front of fires. Dis- 
likes — people cracking their knuckles, humidity, writ- 
ing papers, not being able to say what's on my mind, gos- 
sip, being gullible. Remembers Most — summer of 74, 
the foursome, trip to Boston Aquarium, watty, subway- 
trips with Lesse and Denisee, Halloween, 14, Mrs. B.. 
V.I. '75, CSC, SSMC '75,-Sept. 12, Bruce and Joanne. 
Rose and Pete, Homecoming, Carla, Mrs Tribeman, the 
night in "D," the best of the bunk. Noted for — wrap 
job, being gullible. Cause of Death — SUN, overeating. 


"To be awake, is to be alive." Likes — Going slow, 
mountains, blues music. Dislikes — being pushed, late 
nights, formality, loss of control. Remembers Most — 
Latin 3 with big "T." Secret Desire — Live in the coun- 
try. Cause of Death — Fall from horse. Activities — Bas- 
ketball 1 - 4, Track 3,4. 


"You show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser." 
Likes — Winning, bull in the ring, games, growing 
older, sunsets in Maine, canoeing, fishing, the seasons, 
Maine. Dislikes — getting injured, homework, Mondays. 
Twenry Years from Now — I will be 38. Remembers 
Most — IPS and physics labs, racing '74, being captain — 
senior year. Homecoming game '75. Treasured Posses- 
sion — the future. Activities — Football 1 - 4, Track 1, 3, 


"When he started out he didn't know where he was 
going, when he got there he didn't know where he was, 
and when he got back he didn't know where he had 
been." Anonymous Likes — Golf, skiing, 3b's, rave, 
doing nothing, music, family, friends. Dislikes — AVE, 
working, poindexters. Twenry years from now — retired. 
Ambition — To see the world. Noted for — Dominating 
Munro. Cause of Death — old age. Remembers Most — 
Lat 3, beer pool, breakfast at Baz's, learning to ski, S.E. 
Activities — Soccer 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4 (capt.), Golf 8, 
9, 10, 11, 12. 



"Let us not look back in anger. Nor forward in fear — 
But Around in awareness." Thurber 




"If thou couldst know thine own sweetness, O little one, 
perfect and sweet, Thou wouldst be a child forever; 
Completer whilst incomplete." Likes — Cream cheese 
and olive sandwiches, Ching, Mr. Rochester, Alaska, 
M&M's, MacDonalds. Dislikes — being called Patty, 
beef stew, big ears, rubber cement, Mordecai, telephone 
pole. Wants to forget Most — pay the rent, the peep 
show at the circus, going up the ladder, string, the O'B's 
"surprise" party. Usually seen with — Mon, Di, Annis, 
Sue, Nance, Karin, a smile on my face, and a copy of 
Jane Eyre. Ambition — to be on the tonight show and go 
to Iran. Noted for — My blonde streak. Remembers 
Most — Anabelle, Summer of '42, '74, '75, Sandy Cove 
with Marlowe, Richie, Markie and Vara, Smiley eyes 
FTDWSAT. Activities — SSAC 1, 2, Basketball 3, 4, 
Softball 1, 2, Cheerleading 1, Powderpuff 3,4. 




"A is A." Likes — myself, people, thinking, feeling, free- 
dom, playing trumpet, composing, the sky and the beach. 
Dislikes — Government people, violence, most moder- 
nistic art and music, rationalizing, being told what to do. 
Ambition — to make what no one else has made before. 
Noted for — my morality, missing math classes, bad 
spelling, trumpet Favorite hangout — the ocean. Cause 
of Death — a careless mistake Treasured possession — 
my Bach. Activities — Band and Marching Band 1 - 4, 
Stage Band 3. 4, Pit Band 1 - 4. 



"We can't return, we can only look back." Likes — engi- 
neer hats, homemade ice cream, sunny days at the beach, 
alligators shirts, giving Cindy and Marg !..*#?!., pis- 
tachios, James Taylor, Denisee. Dislikes — getting beat 
up by Marg, wedgies, Mrs. B's history classes. Air N.E. 
Favorite expression — "No, I don't think so." Remem- 
bers Most — Watty's gym classes, lighting Olympic fire, 
17th birthday, P. Cowen's square dance, '75 graduation, 
Rotunda, Patriots game 8/10/75, M.V., subway trips 
with Denisee and Cindy, night in "D," 9/12/75, C.P.K. 
Usually seen with — Cindy, Pam, Lisa, Marg, Ruth, Car- 
rie, Snow, Rich, Chris. Noted for — Sarcasm. Cause of 
Death — SUN. Activities — Field Hockey 2, Powder- 
puff 3,4. 




"Lcc it be." Likes — Nards, motorcycles, golf, hockey. 
Dislikes — People who talk without thought. Usually 
seen with — Nards, Zap Treasured Possession — "K" 
shirt. Activities — Golf 3, 4, Hockey 4, NTFL 3, 4. 



"Where have I known you before 
the moment I saw you I knew 
I had found the singer of a thousand songs 
That haunted every dream 
The painter of the colors of my mind 
Reminding me of places we had been 
I'm seeing clearer now — the truth unfolds 
The past all drifts a way 
You're back again my dearest friend 
You never went away. 
— Neville Potter 


"And the seasons, they go 'round and 'round and the 
painted ponies go up and down — We're lost upon a car- 
ousel of time. We can't return, we can only look behind 
from where we came and go 'round and 'round and 
'round in the circle game." Joni Mitchel. Likes — a lot 
of teachers, Neil Y , variety. Steely Dan, red cream soda. 
Dislikes — fruit flies, blushing, Parisiens. pessimists, 
taking S A T's. Wants to forget most — Bowling at 
Webster Shore Lanes, Nantasket Beach. New Year's Eve 
'73 Remembers Most — the ends of summer, "April in 
Paris," "The Pieman Cometh " Favorite expression — s- 
h-u-r-e! Usually Seen With — Jeannie. Marie and Mag- 
gie. Noted for — playing cards, remembering details. 
Activities — Softball 2, Track 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. 
Rousers4, Powderpuff 3,4. 

"Little John" 

Likes — girls. Alternative School, living in a foreign 
house (my house). Wants to Forget Most — Working 
Favorite Expression — "Turkey." Usually Seen With — 
Arthur Roebuck and Anders. Pet Peeve — my sloppy 
brother Noted for — always heckling his Swedish 
brother Secret Desire — to ski in the Alps. Treasured 
Possession — Stereo. Activities — Tutoring with Mrs. 
Pratt at Osgood, work with Mr Plante 


"Crash," "Madigan" 
"To leave footprints in the sands of time you have to 
keep on the move." Likes — family, people with spunk, 
Hobart Ln., the smell of perfume, the ocean, pretty 
woman, huslin'. Dislikes — excessive sacasm, "no," Phil. 
Remembers Most — Olympic fire, looking for 3 h.p., 5/ 
11 fishing. Usually Seen With — Cindy, Leslie, Lisa, 
Noel, Patrick. Noted For — trying anything once, being 
verbal. Cause of Death — trying something twice. Secret 
Desire — to be remembered as a man who has positive 
effects on society. Activities — S.C 1 - 4, S.C. President 
3, Class President 1 - 4, R.A.C. Delegate 1, 2. 


"Do the steps that you've been 
Shown by everyone you've ever known. 
Until the dance becomes your very own. 
No matter how close to yours another's 
steps have grown in the end there is 
one dance you'll do alone. 
Into a dancer you have grown. From 
a seed somebody else has thrown. 
Go on ahead and throw some seeds 
of your own and somewhere between 
the time you arrive and the time you 
go may lie a reason you were 
alive but you'll never know. 

— Jackson Browne 



Likes — Alternative Ed , Bud, Alan. Dislikes — leaving 
Italy, lima beans. Favorite Expression — "ciao mama." 
Usually Seen With — the twins and "Hot Dog." Pet 
Peeve — never having enough time. Ambition — to 
work with children. Secret Desire — to return to Italy. 
Treasured Possession — Skinny's hat and snoppy. Activi- 
ties — Alternative School, Tutoring at Osgood School, 
U. of Florence, Italy. 


"Main," "Steve" 
"When rejecting the ideas of another make sure you 
reject only the idea and not the person." Likes — hunt- 
ing, fishing, St. Croix, skiing, water skiing, cars, motor- 
cycles, weekends, parties, beach, funny movies, good 
friends. Dislikes — getting up for school, work, rain, 
colds. Wants to Forget Most — previous engagements. 
Favorite Expression — "I don't know." Usually Seen 
With — Chuck, Tony, Hoff, Don, Dona, Peter, Paul, 
Mack, Laura S., Laura D., Debby. Ambition — To never 
reach my level of incompetence. Worst Horror Show — 
7 mile at St. Croix in the night and rain. Activities — 
Marshal 4. 


"Success is not permanent. The same is also true of fail- 
ure." Likes — weekends, sailing, parties, horseback rid- 
ing, money, cruising, skiing, the ocean, my brothers, the 
Bruins, the neighborhood. Dislikes — lack of funds, cup- 
cake, blue lights, math, report cards, warning notices, 
Wed. after Labor Day, A&P, F825, nosey people. Wants 
to Forget Most — That night, waiting for an official 
visit. Remembers Most — selling the town, putting a 
price on protection, Cheryl's visitor on 9/5/75, the Busi- 
ness, 10A English. Usually seen with — my good friends. 
Ambition — to keep a clean record. Cause of Death — 
imprisonment. Activities — Field Hockey 1, Variety 
Show, Softball 1 - 4, Yearbook, Rousers, Donkey Basket- 
ball, Powderpuff 3, 4. 


"If there's something you warn in life let it run free, If it never returns, it 
was never yours, if it does . Love it forever " Likes — football, skiing, 
hockey, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, crisp fall days, going south in winter, rid- 
ing bikes, getting letters, strawberry ice cream, summer, being happy, a good 
friend. Dislikes — insincere people, being depressed, saying good-bye, diet- 
ing, getting caught, being hurt, jealousy, becoming all achey, being hassled, 
indecisive people Remembers Most — Jan 2, 6/6/75, Florida '74, riding 
bikes till 2 30, Chris 7/1/75, R.N., walks along Rocky Beach, 11/15/75, 
Halloween parties, shaking on the side porch, special love from Canada, 215, 
11/29/75, roses from a friend, long talks Wants to Forget Most — ATs till 
3:15, 2/8/74, fat J , Lag's b'day party, mayor's daughter, 2/7/75, night on 
the boat with P M.. SC. parrv, Sept. 2, *75 Usually Seen With — Friends 
Secret Desire — to spend a weekend on the boat with B W Activities — 
Field Hockey 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Ski Club, Rousers 4, Powderpuff 3, 4, 

"Lez" or "Mc" 

"Yesterday is only a dream and tomorrow only a vision But today well-lived 
makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of 
hope " Likes — droopy eyes, sweets, Lib, dimples, poetry, the long clan my 
fam, fat babies, sunsets, Bets, lifeguarding. Winches, hunky blondes. 
Mother McCormick, Untie Chuck, Dom Savano, I>unns, "creeping" Dis- 
likes — dieting, inhibition, R L I G . subterranean, caddiness, tenure, being 
nagged, broken heart, prune iuite Remembers Most — May 24th, Hoff, 
AI'S S.H , Mm Moffert. Marley, florida '72, '74, hill before school '72. '73. 
taihn' pulled distributors taps, R R Wants to Forget Most — oversleeping 5 
/2*>, Lady Sings the Blues with Rich. Wheel right Park. July 4th. "75, crush 
on M G. hassles with J R . 7/23. M. B . R. B Noted for — Scholastic 
achievement (') Worst Horrow Show — Lavoics party (5) Activities — 
S.C 1-4. Principal Advisory 2, Class V.P. 2. Class Treasurer, Tennis Team 2. 



leo james McCarthy 


"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day 
after tomorrow just as well." Likes — my boats, water, 
waterskiing, checking it out, being mobile. Favorite 
expression — "Catch you later" "No doubt." Remembers 
most — Summers, my boats, Latin III with Big "T." 
Ambition — to waterski from Cohasset to Nantucket. 
Noted for — wavehopping b.o.n.g. Secret desire — if I 
told it, it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Cause of Death 
— holding it in. 


"Contentment with past accomplishments stifles future 
achievement." Likes — outdoors, skiing, zucchini, Eng- 
lish accents, variety, simple-down to earth people, filled 
cookies, seeing G&G, Mr Collins, change of seasons, 
Mr. Gilmartin, friends. Dislikes — being pushed into 
things, eating fish, lies, yellow teeth, being used, time 
flying by when having fun. accidents, snobs, self-cen- 
tered people, the word "RAVE," and working Remem- 
bers most — Bear Mt. 1<T5, Ft. Lauderdale T.V.D.. 7/25 
/75, 10-A English. T time, POPPIE, Summer '75, PA., 
N R., B., and me. Rib Van Winkle, muffy. SA = 2. 
Wants to forget most — Summer of " 7 4. Not being able 
to sleep, trying to forget. Chemistry. Some Old Acquain- 
tances, J'S party. T.V.D. Favorite Expression — Hey. 
toota! Usually seen with — Nancy. Ann. Gibbs. Monica. 
Di, Sue and Trisha. Noted for — Listening to others. 
Activities — Powderpuf f 4, Yearbook 4, Social Action 4. 


"Mag." "Maggie" 
"To do the right thing at the right time is a great art." 
Likes — M&M's, Connecticut farmers, concerts, the 
Beach Boys, hockey, waterskiing, "roses not weeds." Dis- 
likes — Mondays, doing homework Wants to forget 
most — SAT's'and ACH, NYE '73, llth grade history 
Favorite expression — Ebe bee be!! Usually seen with — 
My sister. Deedee. Jeannie, Lorri, the gang Noted for — 
sneezes, being in more than one place at the same time 
Remembers most — summers on the Cape, 9/ 19/71, 7/4 
/74, Mr. Collins, Florida, a certain stiff neck, beating the 
seniors at Powderpuff, 6/27/73. Activities — Powder- 
puff 3, 4, Softball 2. Rousers 4, Mgr. Basketball. 


"There is always someone worse off than yourself." A.F. 
Likes — living on the ocean, summer. Cape Cod, water- 
skiing, "roses not weeds." C. S. N. & Y, to put things 
off, my family, being a twin, writing letters, and meeting 
people. Dislikes — school, getting up, making my bed, 
homework and termpapers, cliques, wearing glasses, and 
making decisions. Wants to forget most — SAT'S 
N.T.E. ' 7 3. Usually seen with — Deedee, Jeannie, my sis- 
ter, and the gang. Noted for — Looking like my sister. 
Remembers most — Summers and friends at the Cape, 
Florida, beating the seniors at powderpuff, subway inci- 
dent, 9/19/71, 8/22/75, French 4-H. Activities — Soft- 
ball 2, Powderpuff 3,4, Rousers 4. 


"Mike," "Mikie," "Nabb," or "McNutts" 
"Every person has a rainbow whatever color it may be. 
You must seek it out and wander along it till you find its 
end." Likes — painting, photography, ceramics, (art in 
general), "64" Chevy's, zuzuki 2505, K. D., the woods, 
"the farm." Lily pond cellars, food. Homer Dislikes — 
floods, getting ripped off, and being frustrated. Favorite 
expression — "nuff said." Usually seen with — Kelly, 
Jay. Matt, (usually not seen). Noted for — artistic ability 
(so they say). Favorite hangout — in the land of Nabb. 
Worst horror show — finding my motorcycle. Activities 
— Polar Bears. 


"The beach is a place a man can feel he's the only soul in 
the world that's real." P. Townshend Likes — eating, 
skinny people, "Roses not weeds," long nails, the ocean. 
Dislikes — Jim Stanford, glasses, having to make a quick 
decision, long haired dudes, Libby's, the morning after, 
being stared at when asleep, intrusions. Wants to forget 
most — Bowling at Webster Shore Lanes, Nantasket 
beach. New Years '73, mating fruitflies, being aban- 
doned in Fenway, Bergson's, subway accident, 9/19/75 
(Gwen's house). The A, B, C, game. Favorite expression 

— I want to take a ba-hth. Usually seen with — DeeDee, 
Marie, and Maggie. Remembers most — skiing 3/7/75, 
Powderpuff game, diving for a sneaker, slalomimg, The 
Pieman Cometh, stuffing Douggie through the window, 
S.A. Highland Ave. with Cindy. Noted for — Astute 
comments, spelling ability, forgetting details. Activities 

— Track 3, 4, Powderpuff 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Year- 
book 4, Rousers 4. 


"Why do you not see the speck that is in your brother's 
eye?" Mt. 7, 1-6, Lk. 6, 37-42 Likes — repairing old cars, 
April 5th. Usually seen with — Barney. Noted for — 
work with computers. Secret desire — to do something 
they'll never forget. Remembers most — Someone who 
told me "why." Cause of Death — FIRE. Activities — 
Track, Cross Country. 

"Bill," "Red" 

"We know what we are, but we know not what we may 
be." Likes — Golf, Arnie, the stooges, Apple Pie. the 
Celts, Sunny weekends, bet-welchers, backing into for- 
eign cars. Dislikes — Lima beans, losing, three-putting. 
Wants to forget most — Lag's swing. Favorite expres- 
sion — "we're four-up Nards." Usually seen with — 
Buck, Tim, Gumby, King Richard. Remembers most — 
summerball, Ketch's shorts, Winnies. Treasured posses- 
sion — memories of Latin 3, and the illustrious Mr. "T." 
Activities — Golf 4. 




"Deprive the average man of his life's illusions, and you 
rob him of his happiness Likes — "roses not weeds." 
windy weather, Peaks Island. Dislikes — People who 
knock down other people to make themselves look good. 
Wants to forge't most — Leaving school for subs with 
Theresa. Remembers most — 3/7/75, night at the 
Ground Round with the gang. Usually seen with — 
Marina, Joanne, Alice, Brenda, Leslie, and Ginny Ambi- 
tion — To own a farm in New Hampshire. Secret desire 
— To change my hair color Activities — Semsba '74, 
Chorus 1 • 4, Senior Ensemble 2. 



"I think, I think I am, therefore I am, I think." (Moody 
Blues). Likes — The "56," music, taking things slow, 
long weekends, skiing, my cat, Monty Python, The 
Beach, Frosty's Dislikes — waking up, braces, being 
bored, losing. The Closing of the beach. Wants to forget 
most — A certain trip to Jackson, N.H. Activities — Soc- 
cer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

"Nards," "Rick" 
"Our care should not be so much to live long, as to live 
well." Likes — Coke. Gambling, football. Beating G.L. 
at anything. Golf, and Sundance Dislikes — Losing, get- 
ting up, Tall girls. Dull Teachers, Transmissions Wants 
to forget most — Christmas party at Lag's, 12/20/74. 
Favorite expression — You owe me your life. Usually 
seen with — Lag. Carl, Al, or Bill. Remembers most — 
Latin 3 with Big "T." Parry at B.W., 6/25/74. Secret 
Desire — To own a Casino. Activities — NFTL 3, 4, 
(Commissioner), Golf 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 



"A day is wasted without laughter." Likes — Cohasset, 
my family, friends, pickles, raves, good weekends, par- 
ties, N.H., my partying pants, Colt, surprises. Chinking, 
early starts. Soap Operas, Barbecue potato chips, and 
S.T.D. Dislikes — cold mornings, fights, 11/1/73, some 
mornings, and getting up at 6:30. Usually seen with — 
Nanc. Beth, Trish, Kar, Mon, Linda and all other weird 
people. Ambition — To pay back Mom and Dad. 
Remembers most — coming back, summer of '74, 
Grammy, ASH, a certain rave. Weekends with Nanc, a 
few Floridians, Jacksonville Beach, Miami, Pluto, Burger 
King, Xmas's, Class Play, Powderpuff '75, 3B, SA, 
December 13. '75, a certain rave with St., Wilted rose, 
Dad at parties. 

"Mon," "OB." 

"It was only a sunny smile 
And little it cost in the giving, 
h scattered the night like morning light 
And made the day worth living " 
Likes — The way the old pro keeps the rave going, my family, spaghetti, 
Sandy Beach, chinkin, partying, sleeping, eating, my boxxx, cruising, Wed- 
nesdays. Ml, and Cohasset Dislikes — waking up, rude people, getting bag- 
ged, colds, ham, seafood, shots, car accidents, and waiting Wants to Forget 
Most — moving to Fla , a special ski trip, a mustard fight, a little scene. 
Variety show 73, misunderstandings and PJ Favorite Expression — Ya 
really and take a hike Usually Seen With — Linda, Ming, Patty, Goffy, DI, 
and all the rest Remembers Most — Grammy, SMM, C P CD., 10/31/73,8 
/ 16/75, B Parties, Al's S H , a late night, Flonda Sunsets, stars, the Mingle 
Circle, talks with Linda, and 9/26/75. Worst Horror Show — Frontenac. 
N.H. Activities — Cheerleadmg L, 4, Co-Capt Softball 2, Field Hockey 2, 
Powderpuff '75, Yearbook '75 


"Blessed arc those who can give without remembering and take without for- 
getting ." Remembers Most — last summer, Enfield Glenn, 11/10/73, rhe 
candle affair, N.H , 4/27/74, excursions to the Cape, the log getting in 
Manta's way, Elmira 4/17/75, family reunions, psycho dog, first good long 
talks Wants to Forget — bike rides, 6/27/75, parking meters Dislikes — 
moving, making decisions, waiting, cold feet, being let down, guilt feelings, 
being mad Likes — my family. Thanksgiving, garland, rainbows, porches, 
summer night, Stevie Wonder, two and two, crisp fall days, fireplaces. long 
walks, sincerity, Cohasset, the ocean, apples, having an older sister Noted 
For — my guilt complex Ambition — to be happy and still get to heaven 
Usually Seen With — Manta, Diann, Noel, Marianne 



"Motivation." Likes — K., all spons, The Beach Boys, 
Chinking, Italian food, U.S.M.C, Paris Island, time at 
Lantana, Grant City People of Weymouth, Canada, Cali- 
fornia, Cape, and N H Dislikes — lunch, unfriendly 
people, rainy days. Usually seen with — Karen, Barry, 
People of Grant City, The Bell Buoy, and whoever else is 
around Ambition — To go to Canada, be a tradesman. 
Favorite hangout — Nantasket, At Al's. Cause of 
Death — laughing too hard. Remembers most — Sept. 
26, '74, People of Grant City, Parris Island, Cape, Track 
'74, Marines, X-Mas party at Lantana, yellow foot prints. 
Summer of '74. Activities — X-Country, Track. 


Likes — true friends, honesty, family parties, camping. 
Portage Glacier (Alaska), Disneyland, visiting sister at 
U. Mass. (Amherst), family cookouts, guitar, volunteer 
work at Sunlight House. Dislikes — The song — 
"You're Sixteen," sitting in srudy halls, lies, dogs that 
bite, seafood. Remembers most — July 22, 1974, bicycle 
accident, Christmas '74, Dec. 28, party at Sunlight House 
for volunteers, Jan 1, 1975, Sept. 19, 1975. Wants to for- 
get most — Sept. 27, 1974, Steam heat (Chorus), Feb. 1, 
'75, Sept. 27, '74, Sept. 29, '75. Favorite expression — I 
don't know, why not? Usually seen with — Gayle, Mark, 
Sherry, Bobby, and Ernie. Secret Desire — To get far 
away from Cohasset as possible. Activities — Social 
Action, Chorus. 



"Pipe, Jay" 

"It matters not how long we live, but how." — Festus. 
Likes — Skiing, sailing, golf, Moosehead, my parents, 
Mich. Big C. D.P.B., Bones, sports, shotguns. Dislikes 
— Maggots, good-food, three putts. Randy and his, pet 
seagull, Clarkes Rave. Broken Bones. Wants to forget 
Most — Linden Drive, all the injuries, 9/20/73. Remem- 
bers most — Beach, Florida, Moosehead, SSB, 10/31/74. 
Usually seen with — Bones, Hush, Max, Macka, R.B., 
six-mill, D.P.B., Al, Tony, Hoff, Carmelo, Brad, Melvin, 
D.B. Fleo. Worst Horror Show — P. & S. 9/21/75. 
Activities — Football I, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 
4. Golf 1,2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. . 



"Too many problems for me to be worrying about and 
not enough time in this life for hurrying some become 
great and some become small, but some day we all 
become nothing at all." Likes — Top, the ocean, Play, 
bozos, the barn, HOADS. Dislikes — MBTA weirdos, 
the ego of not being on an ego trip. Remembers Most — 
Buttermilk falls, the inner most swimming hole. Wants 
to forget most — Dr. Memory. Usually heard saying — 
things that do not matter any how. 

"Bill, Willy" 

"Nothing is to impossible if you set your mind to it." 
Likes — Vacations, weekends, football, being small, Cali- 
fornia, getting my own way, making money, D.S . warm 
weather. Dislikes — rainy days, living in the Gulch, los- 
ing, Hull, being called "Pilly Bolito," raking leaves. 
Wants to forget most — Bergsons when I stole the car. 
Favorite Expression — "I want to but I can't." Usually 
seen with — Doug, Joe, Greg, and Bill. Ambition — To 
get what I always wanted. Noted For — Negative atti- 
tude. Activities — Golf 3, 4. 


Likes — Girls, fishing, hunting, skiing, Soccer, and 
Camping. Dislikes — Hugo's Lighthouse, My history 
class, and long, car rides. The year of 73 and 74. Favorite 
expression — "What's happening". Usually seen with — 
All the kids that hang around the center of town. Ambi- 
tion — to become a professional soccer player. Favorite 
hangout — The tracks. City, and Kimballs by the Sea. 
Activities — Soccer, Hockey, and Track 

"Tex, Colorado Clem, Mean Dean" 
"Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a 
friend. Do it in the name of heaven, justify in the end." 
"One Tin Soldier." Likes — Colorado, honesty, moun- 
tains, boots, railroads, steam locomotives, mining, X- 
Country, long-distance running, SC., K.K., K.S. Dislikes 

— long rains during X-Country season, a certain 9th 
grade teacher in Boulder, cheating, some things some 
people do, people who are more particular than I. Wants 
to forget most — A Wednesday night out with P H., 
J.K. in October, '74, 3/3/73, G.R., times raving with 
G.R. Remembers most — MB., 6-2 Track record of '75, 
Homecoming '75, what I learned in Calculus. Ambition 

— To discover the richest lode of gold in the world, (in 
Colorado of course). Noted for — Talking about Colo- 
rado, knowing about trains, making super-long comput- 
ers for trains. Treasured possession — a reprint of the 
1925 Locomotive Cyclopedia. Activities — Track 2, 3, 4, 
X-Country 3, 4, High times 3, 4, A.S.S., Student Advisory 


Come into the mountains, 

dear friend 
Leave society and take no 
one with you 
But your true self 
Get close to nature 
' Your everyday games will 

be insignificant 
Notice the clouds spontaneously 
forming patterns 
And try to do that with 
your life. 
— SPS 



"If at first you don't succeed . . . consider failure your 
goal." Likes — my job, Pats, Beach Boys, Chicago , 
Elton, waterskiing, chinking, Tonight Show, cars, sleep- 
ing, playing the role, winning, parties, my car, weekends, 
Cohasset, CHS, Mich., the people I work with. Dislikes 
— losing, ignorant people, people who make other peo- 
ple do their work, Monday mornings. Wants to forget 
most — being in the hospital on Xmas, a certain bar- 
maid, F-period studies. Favorite expression — What? 
Remembers most — July 4, '75, at Bassins Beach, Basic 
Peter's Pond Rave, 10/73. Ambition — to be a success 
the first time around. Noted for — being difficult. Activ- 
ities — Marshall 3 - 4. 


"Maria," "Suzy" 
"Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the 
more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to 
other things, it comes and softly sits on your shoulder." 
Likes — my family, music, sunsets, flowers, walks along 
the beach, John Denver, cruising, parties, traveling, cer- 
tain cars, Xmas, cats, hanging around with my friends 
and cousins, talking to Dad. Dislikes — arguments, prej- 
udice, being depressed. Wants to forget most — all the 
mistakes I've made, certain incidents, certain people. 
Usually seen with — Cathy, Susan, Ellen, Lunne, Jen, 
Carol, Kay, Mary A., Renee, Donna, Mssy, Ann, cousins 
and the rest of the gang. Noted for — all my cousins, 
talking, my pessimism, my height, and my driving. Secret 
desire — to travel to certain places, to see my dream 
house built. Remembers mosr — history, psychology, 
biology, Mr. Fed's Spanish 1 - 3, Pyrotector, surprise par- 
ties, Italy, trip x-country, blue vans, green cars, 
McDonald's, going out with the gang, bridal showers, 
talks with Dad, Patti, Mrs. P., Cathy, and Mary, riding 
bus #12. 

"Tim," "Baretta" 
"Think as I think," said a man, "or you are wicked: you 
are a toad." And after I had thought of it, I said, "I will, 
then, become a toad." — Crane. Likes — basketball, 
thunder storms, spaghetti, Friday nights, Beach Haven, 
volleyball, Groucho. Dislikes — asking for the car, away 
games, raking leaves, rainy weekends, an empty gas tank, 
fights with Ann. Wants to forget most — 7/9/75, mov- 
ing, summer '75, getting caught in the gym, church of 
Scientology. Favorite expression — "You nerd!" Usually 
seen with — Ann, Gumby, Redwood, J. D, Rich. Wir- 
tho, Lonny. Remembers most — Junior year, egging the 
Hullie gullies. Homecoming, Victory parade, 1/11/75, 
30T, 10th grade, Geometry, 1st start. Cause of death — 
English paper. Activities — Basketball 1 - 4, Baseball 1 - 
4, Wheelchair Basketball 2, Yearbook 4. 



"The best exercise for the heart is kindness to others." 
Likes — the beach, sunsets, stormy weather, snow, ski- 
ing, football games, taking walks, children, caring, my 
family, friends, "roses not weeds." Dislikes — frizzy 
hair, peas, cliques, apathy, saying good bye, making deci- 
sions, fruit flies Usually seen with — Alice, Rena, Judy, 
Andy, Brenda, Ginny, and everyone. Remembers most — 
Burmuda '7J, 3/17/74, 3/7/75 ski trip, summer of '74, 
beating the seniors '74, "Ralph and Alice," band rehears- 
als, "Arnie," The Pieman Cometh. Secret desire — to 
have straight hair. Worst horror show — "Nine to Get 
Ready." Cause of death — English papers Activities — 
Cheering 1, Field Hockey 1 - 2, Stage Band I, Straits 
Ponds Project 1 - 2, Band 1 - 4, Softball 1 - 4, Rousers 4 
(V.P.), Yearbook Staff 4, Powderpuff 3 - 4, Donkey Bas- 
ketball 4. 

"The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay, for love 
isn't love until you give it away." Likes — Warren, my 
job, Cohasset, true friends, beach at night, hot-fudge sun- 
daes. Dislikes — S. H., school, snobs, waiting, rain. 
Wants to forget most — 11/10/73, 7/4/75, 10/23/74, 
Shock's death, Ed's death. Usually seen with — Lisa, 
Warren, Debbie, Mary, or whoever is around. Pet peeve 
— waiting for people. Noted for — being short. Favorite 
hangout — common, harbor. Secret desire — to be a 
truck driver. 

"Mush-Ina," "Buck," "Shar" 
"Give me a fish; I'll eat for a day. Teach me to fish; I'll 
eat for a lifetime." Likes — food, money, puppies, being 
young, the D.D.A., kids, making the rounds, my parents, 
A.B.s, my boss, friends. Dislikes — wallys, frocks, slugs, 
waiting, snakes, M. R., gossip, being hurt, the cold. 
Wants to forget most — yell, sleepless nights, freezing at 
Bigs', alligators Remembers most — 7/3/74, 2/10/75, 2 
/ 15/75, Christmas, Jack, the L's, the address, sophomore 
year, workin' at the Log, Rama, the code, the girls' gym. 
Ambition — to get rich quick! Noted for — blushing, 
insanity Secret desire — to become a surgeon and set up 
a practice with Cheryl, to meet "D" on broadway. Activi- 
ties — Student Social Action 1 - 3, Rousers 4, Work 
Study 3 - 4, Class Play 4, Yearbook 4. 


"And how could I deny that these hands and this body 
are mine, were it not perhaps that I compare myself to 
certain persons, devoid of sense, whose cerebella are so 
troubled and clouded by the violent vapors of black bile, 
that they constantly assure us that they think they are 
kings when they are really quite poor, or that they are 
clothed in purple when they are really without covering, 
or who imagine that they have an earthenware head or 
are nothing but pumpkins or are made of glass. But they 
are mad, and I should not be any the less insane where I 
to follow examples so extravagary." — Descartes 


Likes — field hockey, Skowhegan, Me., milking cows, 
being a farmer, country. Dislikes — pushing kids, assem- 
blies 4th lunch, the city, snobs. Wants to forget most — 
Mr. Graebnaer. Favorite expression — Honey. Usually 
seen with — Marie, Susan. Pe t peeve — cars honking me 
while I'm on my bicycle. Ambition — to be one of the 
greatest and fastest farmers. Noted for — talking about 
Skowhegan, Me. Favorite hangout — Skowhegan, Me. 
Activities — Field Hockey 1 • 4, Basketball 1 - 2, Softball 
1 -2. 

"Snow," "Quagles" 
"In order to become one with nature, you must first 
become natural with one." Likes — football, my cat, the 
good ole days in Beechwood with J. D., a girl in Cohas- 
set, Mondays after a victory, raving with the crew, macar- 
oni and cheese, getting up early after a long night. Dis- 
likes — Sunday mornings, waking up the morning after 
and saying, "Oh, my God, what did I say last night!", 
obligations to somebody, getting yelled at, Joe Frazier. 
Remembers most — the tent, aloha, L. K., Rhode Island 
rave, circle cafe, Lily Pond excursions, parties at my 
house, well you better go back to C-o-h-a-s-s-e-t and stay 
there, the evening of July 4, 1973. Wants to forget most 
— the morning of July 5, 1973, 0-10 rave, Mattapan at 
the circle. Activities — Football 1 - 4 (Co-Capt.), Base- 
ball 1 - 4, Hockey 1 - 2, BDOA Club Life Member. 


"There is more to life than increasing its speed for life is 
a journey not a destination." Likes — P. B., skating, 
Rowdie Hockey Games, Laughing, planes, Beaches. Dis- 
likes — Accidents, "Stiffs," Being bored. Wants to For- 
get Most — Blue Falcon, Hugo's. Favorite Expression — 
"Gimme a break!" Twenty years from now — I'll be too 
old! Remembers Most — Camping, Saturday Night 
Hockey Games, her. Activities — Football 1, 2, Track 1, 


"The future is not a gift, it's an achievement!" RFK 
Likes — Vermont, Porsches, field hockey, coke, basket- 
ball, red licorice, alligator shirts, C. B. Dislikes — Rude 
people, puns, losing, tie games, getting up early, Mon- 
days, skinny people. Remembers Most — The Pieman 
Cometh, Powderpuff '74, Band Rehearsals, 4/3/73, 
"Light Black." Favorite Expression — What's your prob- 
lem?!! It's not the school I can't stand it's the "principal" 
of the thing. Usually seen with — Andy, Alice, Joanne, 
Rema, Dunny, Mim, Ellen. Wants to Forget Most — 
English papers, JMAH, Fruit Flies, bacteria, Ms. C, 4/3/ 
73, "Light Black." Treasured Possession — My Prom 
Shoes. Activities — Field Hockey 1 - 4, Basketball 1 - 4, 
Softball 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 4, Powderpuff 3, 4, Yearbook 4, 
Student Council 4, High Times 2, 3, 4. 

~" jk ■ 

"R. B.," "Roger," "Blake" 
"It is better to die from food poisoning than from mal- 
nutrition." R. B. Likes — Skiing and Fang. Dislikes — 
Moving and the South. Wants to Forget Most — Forget- 
ting. Secret Desire — To be "King." C.C Treasured Pos- 
session — Some humor. 




The meanings get lost 

and the teachings get tossed 

And you don't know what you're 

Going to do next 

You wait for the sun 

But it never quite comes 

Through to you 

Some kind of message comes 

Through to you 

Some kind of message comes through 

And it says to you . . . 

Love when you can 

Cry when you have to . . . 

Be who you must 

That's a part of the plan 

Await your arrival 

With simple survival 

And one day we'll all understand 

By Dan Fogelberg 



"Keep on Trucking." Likes — skiing, Warren Vt. Sugar- 
loaf, K. M., The Blue Tooth Stairway to heaven, money, 
pinball, charter bus rides. Dislikes — Cauliflower, lima 
beans, not having a car, no money, Beef, mornings after. 
Wants to Forget Most — the living dead, U.S. History, 
0-10, Princeton, NJ. Ambition — The new Frank Lloyd 
Wright, to ski the Alps. Favorite Hangout — behind the 
wheel. Remembers Most — Boy Friend Cast Party, Har- 
vard 25th, 8/11/75, Bus Rides, League Champs. Activi- 
ties — Football 1 - 4, Track 1 - 4, Class Play 1 - 4, Stage 
Crew 1 - 4, Yearbook 4, Camp Wing 1, 2. 



"So we at last shall be freed from the anguish, the fear, 
and the woe." Likes — Baseball, Basketball, Bothering 
my sister, Europe, Eating French Food. Dislikes — Get- 
ting up early. Work, A. RE. papers. Red Sox, raking 
leaves Wants to Forget Most — A certain English class, 
My broken foot, 11th J. V. Wants to Remember Most — 
6/7/74, 6/9/75, Language Lab Studies, The Assassina- 
tion. Usually Seen With — Tim, Bill, Mark, Rich Lyle, 
Ben, Steve. Noted For — Carrying Books, Worrying 
about homework. Activities — Baseball 1 - 4 (co-capt ). 
Basketball 1 - 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Lang. Lab 
2, 3,4. 


"Alice," "one-lap" Watson" 

"Happiness tomes of the capacity to feci deeply, cnioy simply, to think 
freely, to risk life, to he needed " Likes — the best of everything, walking on 
the beach, preppies that grow up to be Harvard men, "roses not weeds." ski- 
ing, maple nut sundaes, running. Bruins, thunderstorms, male chauvinist 
pigs. New Fngland wotxfs. Florida sunshine Dislikes — Libby's. puns, the 
morning after, fake people, making decisions. Monday morning, deadlines, 
spiders Wants to Forget Most — "peanut butter lar," District auditions. 
Fresh Pond, fruit flics, the "kid." Arnic, Middlctown. R I 298 yd dash 
Remembers Most — The Pieman Cometh. Bermuda 73, Ski trip h/7/7\ 
Powdcrpuff '^4 — heating the Seniors. Ralph. Madison Square Garden, 10/ 
12 "I Noted For — organization and procrastination Secret Desire — Can- 
ada that summer Worst Horror Show — The first time down the slopes 
Favorite Expression — That's rude Activities — Track 2 - 4. Yearbook 
Committee (Activities Fditor) 4, Student Council J, Powdcrpuff V 4, Girls' 
Slate V Field Hockey 1. 2, Bind I - 4. Li'l Abner Stage Band 


"The answer lies within so why not take a look now. 
There's so much left to know and I'm on the road to find 
out." Cat Stevens Likes — Fine looking females, Good 
food, fine wine, my red Fuji, Happy times, and a little bit 
of "Gold." Dislikes — not too much except mosquitoes. 
Wants to forget most — Junior High School. Favorite 
Expression — What can I say. Secret Desire — to be 
reincarnated as an eagle. Cause of Death — Falling out 
of a giant Redwood tree in California. Favorite Hangouts 
— The Peg tree, LILY Pond Woods. 


"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are some- 
thing to do, something to love, and something to hope 
for." — Joseph Addison Likes — My dog, chocolate chip 
ice cream, summers, "roses not weeds," White Christ- 
mases, earth shoes, getting letters, long weekends, the 
sun. Dislikes — diets, picky customers, vegetables, rainy 
days, snobs, Monday mornings Wants to Forget Most — 
Working at A&P, getting bagged, incident with B., 3/22 
/75, Randy. Usually seen with — Cheryl, Brenda, Ann, 
Alison, and Marie. Remembers Most — 7/10/75, selling 
the town, 5th period donuts, cruising, Sharon's birthday 
party '74. Secret Desire — travel around Europe. Worst 
Horror Show — being greeted at the door. Activities — 
Powderpuff 3, 4, Rousers 4, Donkey Basketball 4, Class 



"Fcclin' alrightr 1 " — Dave Mason Likes — found and 
wiggly people in a straight and stiff world, my fiddle, 
feathers, to be understood, being Polish, nonviolence, 
reality. Dislikes — justifications, waiting, getting my 
nails dirty Wants to Forget Most — N.M.R.K. Favorite 
Expression — "you neva know." Ambition — to Paint 
the other Boston gas tank Noted for — asking for a ride. 
Remembers Most — Lenox. 


"Even if you arc on the right track you'll gel run over it you lust sit there " 
Will Rogers [.ikes — sunrises, Hangliding, Htxkcy. winning, fog. Monrv 
Python. '64 Bugs, skiing, sailing. Friends, people smaller than myself Dis 
likes — trutihcs. Bad musk, idiots, pushing tars. Oarks Rave. Morning 
Hotkey Practice Remembers Most — Being born. 1956, nor that night, the 
other one Wants to Forget Most — New Years Eve. 19 7 ~. Parry cleanups, 
and whatever else there is to forget. Write your own answer Twcnrs years 
from now — 1 will be 19 Secret Desire — To be the first man to hanglide 
off the Fmpire State Building Cause of Death — The wings folded Activi- 
ties—Hockey i,4, Tennis 4. 


"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow Don't 
walk behind me. I may not lead, walk beside me and just 
be my friend." Likes — my friends, the Bruins, football, 
"roses not weeds," Zambonies, the stormy nights, skiing. 
Dislikes — Frizz weather, being cold, Mondays, cliques, 
saying goodbye. Wants to forget most — Almost losing 
a friend, getting bagged, 3-22- 7 5. Twenty years from now 
— Farm neighboring Cheryl's in Vermont. Usually seen 
with — Leslie, Chery l, Ann, Alison, Ginny, Joanne, Judy, 
Marie, Alice Ambition — to prove C&L wrong and live 
happily ever after, to get my MSW Remembers most — 
Ski trip. 3- 7 - 7 ^. selling the town, 8 people, B. 'nh period 
donuts, beating the Seniors in ' 7 4. Activities — Cheering 
1, Powderpuff 3, 4, Rousers 4, Yearbook 4, Donkey Bas- 
ketball 4, Class Play 4. 


"C Y," "See Why," "Carol" 
"Helping others is our responsibility. " Likes — Francis, 
motorcycles, all my good friends, weekends, and parties. 
Dislikes — loneliness. Remembers most — Wampatuk, 
Sandy Beach. Lowell, July 24, 1975. Usually seen with — 
Francis, Jen, Susan, Maria, Ellen, and Jill. Pet peeve — 
being told that "you can't." Secret desire — to understand 
a certain person. Treasured possession — F.G.V. Activi- 
ties — Chorus, Riding Club, Horticultural Club, Health 
Career Club, Renissancesing. 


"Steve," "Wirtho" 
"You only live once, so do it while you can." Likes — 
trail riding, going, coming, going back, coming back, 
basketball, bowling, going back again, certain people, 
camping. Wants to forget most — driving to Sox game 
10/4/75, house painting, bike accident, black thing in 
the road, donuts, same night, tests, 3-point turn. Algebra 
1 and 2. Twenty years from now — finally getting back 
from Sox game in '75. Remembers most — Latin III with 
"Big T," driving with Gumby, Mt. Washington trip, 
hedge trimming, moving the tent, homecoming '75, 
moving with the u-haul, school street, candid movies, 12 
/13/74. Favorite expression — "Where's your dollar for 
gas?" Cause of death — no gas left — went down the car. 
Activities — Basketball 2, NTFL 1, Jogging 4, Art Club. 


"Keep the haddock in the attic." Likes — my car, parties, 
a pleasant beverage, chinkin', coke, Neil Young, playing 
drums, laughing, my job, playing cards, water skiing, and 
good friends. Dislikes — snobs, dull parties, anchovies, 
cauliflower, losing at cards, and triple bogies. Wants to 
forget most — 9/27/75 and 5/16/74. Noted for — my 
height. Secret desire — to buy a gallon of checkered 
paint. Remembers most — all night poker games, Latin 
III with "Big T." Activities — Golf 2 - 4, Hockey I, Stu- 
dent Council 4. 



"You can't always get what you want, but if you try 
sometimes you might find, you can get what you need." 
— Jaggar Likes — Music, animals, woods, the sky, snow 
at Christmas, parties, mustang, televisions, storms, 
S&D's stories. Dislikes — Bugs, dentists, Woolworth's, 
being cold, dying cars, snobs. Wants to forget most — 
Getting bagged, Sharon's birthday party '74, Randy. 
Wants to remember most — G. and P., selling, At Seven- 
teen, Brad's parties, cruising, 10 A English, Dr. Sinopoli. 
Twenty years from now — Living peacefully on a farm 
in Vermont. Secret Desire — To become a surgeon and 
set up a practice with Sharon. Activities — Powderpuf f 3, 
4, Donkey Basketball 4, Rousers 4. 



"Save a tree, eat a beaver." Likes — Skiing, Cammie 
nons, The Bridge, nice girls, happiness, oil, gold, Ver- 
mont, tennis. Dislikes — Hassles, my loudness, C.P.D., 
C.H.S., T V., Favorite expression — Sure, let's go. Secret 
Desire — "I moving to Montana to become a Dental 
Floss tycoon." Frank Zappa. Remembers most — Living 
in Vermont, Little League, W.T., PC, A.H., cooking at 
the bridge. Wants to forget most — German shepherds 
living in Vermont, the liquor store rave and that whole 
day. Cause of death — pulling a crazed creature in the 
Swiss Alps. Leaves behind — Mrs. Lahage and her lovely 
student teacher. 



Likes — Mississippi, music (Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zep- 
pelin, Elton John, and lots more of others), dancing, ani- 
mals, the outdoors, traveling, mushrooms, drawing, # 
13. Dislikes — snobby people, gossipers, some people in 
Cohasset, snakes, spiders, and Monday tests. Usually seen 
with — Eileen, Dama, Josie, Susan, Renee, Judy, Karen, 
Darlene. Pet peeve — people who snap their gum, and 
annoying noises. Noted for — my Southern accent. 
Favorite hangout — Choctaw Marina, Moss Point. Cause 
of death — Laughing (natural causes). 


"D 2 " 

"Man never fails; he just quits before he succeeds." Likes 
— Sailing, '57 Chevys, "Hinldey Bermuda 40's," Death 
roll time, T.O.W.P., 68 Saab, 5:45 am. Wants to forget 
most — getting stuck on the beach. Usually seen with — 
civilized human beings and Steve, Paul, Melvin, Laura 
D , Debbie, Mac. Ambition — To sail around the world 
at age 82. Noted for — Uncontested height and School 
renowned drinking habits. Secret desire — To compete in 
the Americas Cup Race. 

Juniors Who Are 

"And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that 
shines on me, Shine until tomorrow, Let It Be." John 
Lennon, Paul McCartney. Likes — vacations, Fridays, 
Datsun Z's, the Beatles, Elton John, French, summer, 
fall weather, sunsets, the ocean, Boston, foggy days. Dis- 
likes — getting up in the morning, Mondays, September, 
Science and Math, Gym, snobby people, bugs, oral 
reports, eating in the Dining Hall. Wants to forget most 
— Junior High, I.S.C.S., Biology labs, playing volleyball 
in Gym, doing term papers in 10th grade. Remembers 
most — all my French classes, cruisin' with Kay, Maria, 
and Geeivie, McDonald's in Brockton, D. W. Field Park, 
surprise parties. Ambition — To speak French fluently 
and learn Spanish. 


"Sandy" or "Professor" 
Twenty years from now — washing dishes. Usually seen 
with — a clarinet, a piano, a saxophone, a flute or any 
other instrument. Ambition — to control JH Band. 
Noted for — music, being musical, liking music. Secret 
desire — To play clarinet like B. G. Cause of death — a 
cracked reed. Treasured possession — my clarinet. Activi- 
ties — Band 1 - 3. Chorus 3, Jazz-Rock 2, 3, Pit Band 1 - 
3. Debate Team 1, Math Team 2, 3. 


"Had I not run beyond the summer beach I might have 
had to wonder why the sea eats up the sand but never 
touches the thunder." Likes — beaches, the outdoors, the 
stars and full moons, my cat, people, being understood, 
windy days, storms. Dislikes — hanging out, gossip, 
arguments, close-minded people. Remembers most — my 
friends, summer '75, Hull Police Station, two in one, Cox 
kids. Worst horror show — "Night of the Goose." 
Ambition — to travel and keep meeting people. Treas- 
ured possession — living. 

Seniors Who Are Camera Shy 



Seniors Who Have Left 

Student International Service 

My family at home in Sweden 

My hometown in Sweden is called Kungall. It is situated about 75 miles north of our second largest city, Gothenburg. The ocean is very close and 
that is why I like Cohasset so much. It makes me feel at home. My host family, the Mailers, have also made me feel at home through taking me in as 
one of their own. I feel like I am a real part of the family. 

Mrs. Mailers has not only taken me in, but has also taken in two Cambodian boys, so all together, including her own seven children, we are eleven 
and one dog, Snoopy. It's a real family. We usually do everything together, even eat together, which is really something to see. 

So far, my school experience is quite different from my school at home. From what I have experienced, the schools in Sweden are a little bit more 
difficult than here. However, I have gotten to like Cohasset High because I have made many friends, and also because it has given me a chance to 
seriously consider coming back to the states to continue my education after I have finished my school requirements at home. 

Coming here to live and to go to school has done many things for me. First, my knowledge of writing and speaking the English language has 
improved. I have also grown a lot inside myself through living and going to school in a different country, living in an American family, and meeting a 
lot of new people. I am really looking forward to coming back here soon and getting to know more people. 


My host family, the Mailers 


Class Will 

Darlcne Atkins leaves the Metco students a book on "How To Get Over." 

Liz Bailey leaves Peter Graham a book on etiquette. 

Pam Ballerino leaves Tom. 

Arthur Bjorkland leaves a lot of friends behind. 

Ellen Block leaves with pleasure. 

Sue Booth leaves for good this time. 

Stephen Bowditch leaves gratefully. 

Marina Buckley leaves her trip to California to next year's powderpuf f team. 

Mark Buckley leaves Mr. Hogan "short" five bucks. 

Josie Carbone leaves a semi-colon in place of a comma to Mr. Collins. 

Wayne Carrothers leaves humorous lines. 

Dama Chase leaves. Just makes like a tree and leafs (leaves). 

Theresa Chiasson leaves with tears in her eyes. 

Donald Clarke leaves Mr. Janks a new pair of lungs. 

Ginny Collins leaves Joanne and Brenda dandelions, ragweeds and cattails. 

Richard Collins leaves a twisted wreck(ed). Rich 3, Noel 1. 

Missy Coletta leaves her southern accent to Yankees who couldn't "hack it." 

Karin Costello leaves for California with a case of Colt. 

Ellen Curley leaves Donna and Cathy to deal with the weirdos on bus 12. 

Linda Curley leaves Bruins tickets in the state of Minnesota. 

Susan Curley leaves with her sister Ellen. 

Diane DeGiacomo leaves Miss McGann a can of mace for her next Algebra II class. 

Dana Doggett leaves the school a year early. 

Robin Donahue leaves 50 ways to leave 5th period by Don, Hall and Snow. 

Richard D'Onofrio leaves on an American 727 with some red roses for a blue "lady." 

Ann Donovan leaves Miss Babaian a book of funny stories. 

Ben Driscoll leaves basketball a year too late. 

Marita Durkin leaves 6 more Durkins. 

Pat Farren leaves happily. 

Andy Fox leaves a year rest to CHS before yet another Fox graduates. 

Wilma Frieson leaves Brian Perry a bushel of bananas. 

Lorri Gibbons leaves Brad White a dent in the Continental. 

Alison Gilmore leaves Mr. Collins an instant replay of Dog Day Afternoon. 

Darlene Gleave leaves the Third World Society a box of hope. 

Jennifer Grisdale leaves Mr. Mika one fruit fly. 

Nancy Gof f leaves with Dianne single. 

Margaret Hall leaves Dona her right one. 

Al Haskell leaves Mr. O'Neil raveless. 

Doug Hoffman leaves nothing. 

Jay Hollingshead leaves Mr. Davis all her love. 

Gwen Howl leaves to the tune of wedding bells. 

Dwight James leaves "Dewey" behind. 

Jim Lag leaves Mrs. Lahage a fixed asset. 

Peter Graham leaves Frank O'Rourke one more date with Barry Buckley. 


Class Will 

Miriam Lahage leaves singing bebop with another editor. 

DeeDee Londergan leaves Mr. Collins Mr. Davis' values of mathematics. 

Tricia Kelleher leaves Mr. Mika his fetal pig. 

Leo McCarthy leaves a pungent-orange down to T. O'Neil. 

Beth McCool leaves Mr. Collins a big I.O.U. 

Margaret McGinnis leaves an empty chair in Mr. Collins' office. 

Marie McGinnis leaves a muffler in front of the school. 

Jeanne McKinnon leaves an assortment of chipped teeth to an unknown jr. 

Bill McMahon leaves Rick Nardo a set of sawed-off golf clubs. 

Mike Mendlovitz leaves on a chrome horse with a diplomat and a Siamese cat. 

Dave Munro leaves dazed and confused. 

Ricky Nardo leaves T. O'Neil no more Latin rave. 

Dianne O'Brien leaves with Nancy single-handed. 

Monica O'Brien leaves waiting for 9: 15. 

Beth O'Leary leaves on little cat's feet. 

Dean Reynolds leaves the corrosion of the salt ice to his family. 

Maria Saldi leaves Renee, Cathy, and Donna a book, "3858 Snide Comments." 

Tim Salerno leaves Mr. Collins a wild duck. 

Joanne Shannon leaves Brenda a double u double e dee. 

Sharon Sinopoli leaves Mush and Mushette to beat her absence record. 

Lynne Souther leaves "Grubby" to play by himself. 

Joe Stanford leaves CHS 7 more. 

Debbie Streeter leaves her prom shoes to anyone who can handle them. 

Jill Short leaves Warren Wagner in school. 

Alan Snowdale leaves Lisa Kjer to anyone smart enough to figure her out. 

Blake Suddath leaves his deranged humor. 

Nancy Sullivan leaves Maureen to find her own way to school. 

Howard Taylor leaves Bunce to Clark and good luck to the football jocks. 

Lonny Townley leaves the lab, our home away from home. 

Leslie Travers leaves some friends I would rather take with me. 

Alice Watson leaves Mr. Walsh in peace. 

Brad White leaves Peter Graham the Golden Arches. 

Brenda Winn leaves a rose. 

Mike Winn leaves a book, "How to be on Work Study and Collect Unemployment." 

Caroline Yeager leaves Mr. Franey some dirt. 

Cheryl Young leaves Mr. Henderson the book, "Women: The Superior Sex." 

Michael Zappolo leaves behind his middle name. 


Senior Awards 

Senior Awards 

Field Hockey 

Winner — Margaret Hall 

Senior Superlatives 

Best Liked 

Ann and Richard Pamandjoe 


Best Combination Of 

Brains And Beauty Friendliest 

Debbie and Pat Jeanne and Lyle 


Class Ravers 

Margaret and Pete 


Best Looking 

AJ and Leslie 

Most Disorganized 

Alice Watson 
Scott Ketcham (absent day of 

Most Talented 


NOT PICTURED: "Why Teachers Go Mad" — Tricha Kelleher and Mike Zappalo 
"Most Easy Going" — Jay Hollingshead and Peter Dillon 

The Ideal Teacher — Female 


LOOKS OF Mrs. Tribeman 

VOICE OF Mrs. Lahage 


BRAINS OF Mrs. Thoren 

WIT OF Mrs. Anderson 

ENTHUSIASM OF Miss Perreault 





FRIENDLINESS Mrs. Jorgensen 

SINCERITY OF Mrs. Burbank 

EGO OF Mrs. Kealey 



SPIRIT OF Miss Perreault 

GESTURES OF MissCoultrip 


FACULTY FLIRT Mrs. Tribeman 



The Ideal Teacher — Male 


LOOKS OF Mr. Mundhenk 

VOICE OF Mr. Emmons 

CLOTHES OF Mr. Federico 

BRAINS OF Mr. Walsh 

WIT OF Mr. Davis 

ENTHUSIASM OF Mr. Narkewiecz 

DEDICATION OF Mr. Gilmartin 






EGO OF Mr. Henderson 


WILL POWER OF Mr. Cederholm 


GESTURES OF Mr. Sheehan 


FLIRT OF Mr. Hogan 


GIFT OF GAB Mr. Collins 


LEE CARROLL — President 

MARY CAROL McNEIL — Secretary 


Class Of 1977 

Underclass Officers 

Class Of 1978 


BRIAN KEANE — President 

KIM O'CONNOR — Vice-President 

LIZ WHELAN — Secretary 

RHONDA GOFF — Treasurer 

Class Of 1979 


G. Ashjian 

J. Dean 

J. Baird 

L. Dickson 

M. Barlow 

K. Dillon 

S. Barrow 

D. Doggett 

J. Basmajian 

M. Dolan 

D. Bell 

K. Donahue 

M. Bellefontaine 

J. Donnelly 

J. Bessc 

J. Donnelly 

E. Bishop 

M. Dooley 

D. Blakeman 

G. Douglass 

K. Bobo 

L. Drago 

C. Bouknight 

R. Drake 

J. Bowen 

J. Driscoll 

P. Branagan 

S. Ellis 

A. Brassard 

J. Emanuello 

C. Brennock 

K. Fahy 

J. Buckley 

M. Fink 

K. Buckley 

M. Foster 

E. Bursk 

S. Gilmore 

J. Cahill 

K. Gleaves 

S. Cahill 

L. Golina 

G. Callahan 

D. Goyette 

A. Carroll 

S. Green 

L. Carroll 

P. Gunville 

M. Carroll 

W. Halloran 

B. Catler 

L. Hamill 

J. Catrambone 

J. Dowler 

S. Cifrino 

G. Harris 

M. Coe 

A. Hassan 

W. Coleman 

J. Isabelle 

J. Cone 

E. Joseph 

J. Cooper 

K. Kamerschen 

D. Silvia 

J. Kearney 

A. Cotter 

W. Kelley 

K. Curelli 

G. Koed 

J. Curley 

C. Kowal 

K. Daniels 

J. Lagrotteria 

M. Davis 

R. Lewis 


B Livingstone 

C"* Salvador 

K. Lyons 

K Sargent 

L. Lyons 

R. Schraff 

S. MacKenzie 

D. Seavey 

M. MacKinnon 

T Shoosh^n 

W. Marsden 

D Silvia 

W. Marsh 

P Mcintosh 

M Thinner Ibis's 

M. McLean 

R. Fion 

M McNeill 

.*1 . " 1 l . V. 1 1 1 

C~t Cr^rnncr 

vi \j at vji iv. i 

S. McNulty 

M. Mendlovitz 

G. Meallo 

S. Stanford 

S. Millard 

M. St. John 

L. Montuori 

D. Stover 

R. Raffa 

E. Studley 

E. Ferreira 

M. Sullivan 

R. Mograss 

D. Strachan 

C Mulligan 

S Sweenev 

T R^rromn 

i - i <ty iui 

T PI i n a w> n 

v 1 c\ r 
i <i y iui 

R Mnlhfrn 

W Thaver 

W . 1 M it \ L 1 

V. Norris 

P. Tillotson 

N. O'Brien 

H. Towle 

S. O'Brien 

P. Trask 

A. O'Connell 

C. O'Connor 

A. Tye 

P O'l^arv 

1 . V_/ 1_A_ A I y 

V nrr^r 1 i i ot 

V . V til IUL1 1 Utl 

F O'RniirKp 

X . W 1\UU1 rv v_ 

J. Viola 

\A Pyrrol i 

1*1. 1 allUilu 

S \J i vi o n 

. ' . V 1 V 1 .11 i 

R Ppnn i n crron 

W Wspner 

D Pf^rroncdln 

J. Walls 

R Polito 

R Walsh 

xv. vv aJju 

K. Porter 

D. Washburn 

D. Pratt 

P. Watkins 

(~ Oninerlv 

W West 

P. Reardon 

A. Whelan 

W. Reynolds 

A. White 

R. Rice 

D. Whitney 

G. Ricketts 


J. Roberts 

C. Yeomans 

R. Ryan 

M. Zappolo 

J. Sadler 



Class of 1978 

1 A hr\n 1 77PCP 

Vj. ilUUJ Li£.t.t7C!)C 

M 1 ifC -w 1 1 ft \ m {~\ 

P Heller 

1 . I 1 ( 1 1 . 1. 1 

A Ahpirn 

/ \ . a 11 

1 1^1 (TfTlQn 
1. 1 /K, 1 i_ 1 I 1 .1 1 1 

r Hprnon 

1 . I 111 1 1 A 1 1 

1 A nnprcAn 

IV 1 11 Q f\f~\ 

IX.. J^/lLK-JWll 

W/ Hnhhs 

rC A n*H^*rcr^n 
rv. /illUCIjtJIl 

Q Dillon 

I T— J r r r m o n 
V_. 1 I'M 1 I1KUI 

S Atkinson 

D DiNardo 

S Howl 

P RQllprmo 

1 . xJa.x.k\-\.\.\\\J 

i W . Y J \ 11 1 la I 

I Hnv 

j. nuy 

S R^rrnmh 

S DiTnllin 

P T-Tiirricr 

J. Barrett 

P. D'Onofrio 

B. James 

A. Bellefontaine 

T. Dooley 

D. Jones 

K. Bilodeau 

R. Drago 

P. Jones 

S. Bjorklund 

M. Dunn 

M. Joyce 

R. Blossom 

P. Durant 

D. Tilden 

R. Booth 

J. Durkin 

J. Isabelle 

B. Brown 

K. Enos 

N. Kelleher 

D. Brown 

D. Fahy 

B. Killion 

J. Brown 

M. Farrell 

L. Kjer 

M. Brown 

J. Farren 

S. Kawzlick 

R. Brown 

R. Farwell 

K. Knight 

P. Browne] 1 

W. Paton 

E. Kurtz 

D. Buckley 

J. Whitney 

T. Lagrotteria 

D. Buckley 

T. Ferreira 

J. Lahage 

C. Cahill 

P. Conley 

M. Leach 

J. Carlson 

R. Chisholm 

K. Linsley 

P. Carmody 

T. Fernalld 

R. Livingstone 

E. Carroll 

A. Ferreira 

M. Londergan 

M. Caruso 

M. Fichtner 

S. MacDonald 

P. Caruso 

K. Figuerido 

H. MacLure 

L. Chapman 

S. Fone 

P. Madigan 

H. Chase 

M. Fox 

M. Marchesi 

R. Coletta 

D. Gleaves 

A. Marks 

D. Christie 

R. Goyette 

H. Marsh 

C. Collins 

D. Gunville 

C. Martin 

T. Cone 

M. Gurnis 

A. Martone 

S. Coughlin 

K. Hanley 

L. McAdams 

C. Cowan 

B. Harrington 

L. McCarthy 

M. Coyne 

G. Harris 

K. McCloskey 

J. Dean 

L. Harris 

C. McCormick 

E. MacDonald 

C. McNeill 
M. Miller 
R. Morse 
B. Munro 

D. Silvia 
J. Nardo 
J. Nash 
K. Neelon 
T. Norris 
B. O'Brien 
T. O'Brien 
S. O'Connell 
D. O'Leary 

A. O'Rourke 
M. O'Rourke 
D. Patrol ia 

P. Patrol i a 
T. Parziale 
J. Perroncello 

B. Perry 
J. Porter 
W. Pratt 
B. Price 
P. Quilty 
M. Quinlan 
L. Reynolds 
N. Roberts 
A. Roebuck 
D. Ross 

R. Ryan 

C. Salerno 
S. Sandblom 

C. Schraff 
E. Smith 
L. Blair 
M. Parziale 

D. Sargent 
M. Sarian 

D. Schleicher 

G. Seavey 
C. Sestito 
M. Settino 
S. Sinopoli 
S. Sladen 
C. Smith 
R. Smith 
C. Stover 
C. Stover 

C. Sutherland 
J. Tebbetts 

J. Tedeschi 

H. Tewksbury 
L. Thompson 
R. Topper 

M. Twaddle 
Y. Vest 
M. Wesoloski 
K. Westerhoff 

D. Whitlow 
P. Wilmoth 
J. Zobel 

M. Zotos 



Class of 1979 

A^. . Jill 1 Jll^. 

IV 1 ' L 1 1 .1 ! 1 L 

A A rlci n *s 

i 1, 1 A L IV! 11 j 

T )i i rL' i n 

J . i^UI Mil 

R Baird 

A V . IJall \_1 

Fm 1 1 <;nn 
i j , j 1 1 ii i . > mi 

I Rirrpc 

J. i'.l. . ,L s 

P Farren 

T R'arrr^XL' 

f . U ill 1 v7 »v 

P Fl (Tl \f*\ Tft\c\ 
1_>. 1 1 fc. Lit. 1 1 t. til J 

R Borrow 

i . iiiititit^iiii 

R Rurlclev 

IV. 1 11 •ILH Li 

1M. ajUiKC 

j. roeji 

G. Cahill 

A. Glasfeld 

L. Campion 

K. Glodgett 

J. Carbone 

R. Goff 

C. Carey 

J. Golino 

L. Carrol] 

C. Goodwin 

E. Chambers 

S. Green 

L. Clarke 

S. Greenman 

M. Collins 

M. Grossman 

B. Conlan 

D. Gunville 

P. Cook 

E. Gwinn 

B. Curelli 

D. Hanlon 

P. Curley 

B. Hart 

A. Davis 

V. Langford 

D. Davis 

C. Trask 

L. Deignan 

J. Walsh 

K. Diab 

C. Conte 

J. Dickinson 

F. Glynn 

P. DUbeck 

T Higgins 

C. Dilbeck 

J. Hines 

A. Dickson 

R. Hobson 

J. DiNardo 

W. Hoopes 

M. Thompson 

J. Howley 

B. Ditmar 

R. Infusino 

L. DiTullio 

T. Infusino 

R. DiTullio 

S. Jancsics 

B. Donahue 

L. Jones 

E. Donnelly 

B. Keane 

J. Douglass 

C. Kelley 

B. Duncan 

J. Kennedy 

C. Duncan 

K. Kent 



J. Kowal 
D. Kraft 
L. LaBrecque 
M. Lagrotteria 
C. Latson 
P. Laugelle 
S. Laugelle 
K. Luff 
C. MacKenzie 
F. Malone 
P. Mangan 
J. Turner 
P. Chapman 
S. LeMay 
M. Meallo 
J. Millard 
S. Muir 

C. Myerhoff 
W. O'Brien 
T. O'Connell 
K. O'Connor 

D. O'Neill 
M. Palimeri 
A. Paris 

M. Patrolia 
P. Plante 
J. Polito 
S. Pottenger 

D. Prendergast 
S. Quilry 

P. Rattenbury 
P. Rice 
J. Riley 

E. Ripley 
A. Ross 

K. Ross 
W. Ross 
W. Roy 
D. Maloney 
M. Salerno 
R. Sargent 
D. Scott 
D. Sestito 
K. Silvia 
S. Sisson 
S. Sladen 
G. Smith 

D. Souther 
P. Spinzola 
K. Stanford 
S. Stover 

B. Taylor 
R. Tebbetts 
N. Towle 
M. Townley 

A. Trask 
L. Trettis 

J. Vended ugt 
J. Vivian 

B. Wagner 
M. Walsh 

E. Westerhoff 
E. Whelan 
M. White 

V. Whitney 
J. Woods 
R. Yeager 
G. Yeager 
M. Young 

Class of 1980 

S. Abbruzzese 
S. Anderson 
M. Atkinson 
J. Ayer 
S. Baden 
R. Barrow 
R. Beale 
E. Bear 
D. Bell 

J. Bellefontaine 
S. Benbow 
D. Block 
M. Bowser 
J. Branagan 
S. Brooks 
A. Brown 
J. Brown 
R. Brown 
S. Buckley 
S. Cahill 
H. Carroll 
L. Carroll 
L. Carroll 
P. Coletti 
J. Dowler 
A. Fagone 
K. Casey 
J. Con ley 
R. Caruso 
S. Catrambone 

H. Chase 

I. Chiu 

A. Cifrino 
C. Coe 
C. Conway 
L. Cossart 


K. Crough 
D. Curelli 
L. Curley 
G. Daggett 
S. Daniels 
K. Day 
W. DeCosta 
M. Delaney 

C. Devereux 

D. Dillon 
D. DiNardo 

D. Dolan 

P. Douglass 
P. Drago 
P. Drago 
M. Duffy 
S. Durant 
L. Emmons 
J. England 
M. Fahey 
M. Farwell 
M. Fasciano 

E. Figueiredo 
M. Fink 

V. Fox 
J. Frates 
R. Froio 
M. Frugoli 
N. Gjestaby 
M. Goff 
D. Golden 
T. Goyette 
R. Gunville 
A. Gurnis 
C. Hanley 
C. Hanlon 



E. Hanlon 
L. Haynes 
R. Healy 
M. Howley 
C. Lang ford 

F. Mahoney 
W. O'Neill 
L. O'Toole 
K. Palimeri 

B. Paris 
A. Parziale 
R. Paton 
M. Patrolia 
S. Perry 

P. Plante 

C. Polito 

D. Pratt 
S. Pratt 

K. Reynolds 

A. Roebuck 
J. Rosano 
L. Ryan 

K. Salvador 
J. Sandblom 
R. Sargent 
K. Scully 

B. Sinopoli 
J. Smith 
W. Spinzola 
J. Hubbard 
D. Jancsics 

C. Kamerschen 
M. Kearney 

J. Lagrotteria 
N. Laue 
M. MacDonald 
S. MacKinnon 
B. Maynard 

D. McCarthy 

E. McCarthy 

J. McCarthy 
B. McClay 
T. McMahon 
J. McNeill 
M. Miller 
S. Muir 

A. Mullen 
J. Murphy 
L. Norris 

E. O'Brien 
J. O'Brien 
T. O'Brien 
D. O'Connell 
L. O'Connor 
L. O'Toole 

P. Stockbridge 

B. Stover 

C. Stover 
W. Taylor 
G. Thayer 
M. Thornton 
R. Townsend 

D. Turner 
P. Tye 

J. Vida 
K. Wagner 
A. White 
R. White 
S. White 
L. Whitlow 
C. Williams 
A. Winchester 
R. Wojoik 
S. Wong 

F. Wood 
L. Wright 
C. Young 
R. Young 
T. Young 
Y. Zotos 


Class of 1981 


E. Alemian 

D. Allen 
J. Allen 

K. Andrews 
J. Antoine 

A. Ayer 
W. Babb 

G. Barrow 
C. Beamon 

B. Birmann 
J. Bishop 

C. Bliss 

R. Blossom 

E. Booth 

D. Brown 

H. Brown 
H. Brown 
J. Buckley 
P. Buckley 
M. Bulger 
K. Bursk 
H. Cahill 

C. Callahan 
J. Carey 

J. Carroll 

D. Chapman 
D. Chisholm 
H. Clinton 
D. Strachan 
B. Cogill 

L. Collins 
N. Cone 
R. Conley 
D. Cossart 
J. Costello 
K. Davis 

K. Day 

B. Devereux 
G. DeVito 
T. Diab 

N. DiNardo 
J. Donahue 
M. Donahue 
P. Dormitzer 
A. Dougherty 
J. Douglass 
P. Duffy 

D. Duncombe 

E. Durant 
L. Durkin 

A. Featherston 
S. Fernald 
K. Ferreira 

C. Fiori 

A. Florescu 
M. Froio 

J. Dowler 
S. Garvey 
T. Geary 
L. Gilmore 
M. Glasfeld 
E. Goggin 
S. Goodwin 
S. Goodwin 
C. Grant 
M. Grinnell 

B. Gurnis 

C. Halloran 
K. Hanlon 
W. Henry 
J. Herman 
J. Higgins 


A. Hobson 
E. Hobson 
W. Hollis 

C. Howorth 
J. Hoy 

S. Hurlbut 
E. Hurtig 

D. Igo 

P. Johnson 
M. Jones 
R. Jordan 
A. Kearney 
J. Kelleher 
P. Kleir 

C. Knight 
L. Kurtz 
W. Kurtz 

D. Ladrigan 
G. Langford 

E. Laugelle 

A. Lewis 
T. Libby 

B. Lincoln 
R. Lindsey 
K. Lipsett 

J. Livingstone 
M. Luff 
J. Lyons 
W. Mack 
J. Mackenzie 
J. Malone 
L. Marchesi 
A. Marsh 

G. Martin 

S. Roebuck 

L. McAdams 

B. Rogers 

b. McCool 

is- T) 

K. Ross 

K. McMahon 

Ly. salerno 

1 . McJNabb 

G. Ratta 

D. McNulty 

S. Saleski 

K. Morns 

d. ocnrart 

J. Muir 

J. Sestito 

E. Lantz 

A. Shooshan 

L. Murphy 

C. Smalzel 

S. Murphy 

G. Smart 

M. Neelon 

G. Smith 

C. O'Brien 

R. Smith 

C. O'Brien 

C. Stockbridge 

M. O'Brien 

S. Taylor 

R. O'Brien 

L. Thornton 

T. O'Brien 

C. Tinory 

J. O'Donnell 

P. Trask 

R. Osborne 

L. Travers 

M. Packard 

C. Walls 

A. Patrolia 

K. Watson 

K. Patrolia 

M. Watson 

K. Piepenbrink 

G. Westerhoff 

H. Pietrowski 

G. White 

M. Polito 

M. White 

C. Pratt 

A. Whitley 

G. Pratt 

E. Whittemore 

J. Purdy 

M. Wilkin 

T. Ramsay 

B. Wilson 

M. Rattenbury 

S. Winn 

E. Richards 

S. Yake 

J. Robbins 

J. Yeomans 



DR. MALONEY — Superintendent 

MRS. BRIGHTON — Secretary MRS. ANDERSON — Secretary MRS. JORJENSEN — Secretary 



Secretaries and Special Needs 

Science And 
Guidance Departments 


Physical Education Metco Director 


FRONT ROW: L. Ahem, B. Perry, B. Goyette, E. Price, C. Cowan, M. Caruso, D. Gunville, J. Durkin, B. Drago, T. Dooley. MIDDLE ROW: K. Buckley, J. Bowen, 
L. Drago, W. Corrothers, H. Taylor, C. Hurtig, A. Snowdale, R. Nardo, S. Vivian, D. Silvia, R. Rice. BACK ROW: Coach Tansey, Coach MacDermott, S. Sandblom, 
M. Fichtner, I. MacCormick, C. Abbruzzesse, P. Quilty, T. Ballerino, C. Stovers, B. Reynolds, John Ray, C. Salerno, N. O'Brien, J. Farren, D. Blakeman, S. Fone, J. 
Shooshan, M. Londergan, Coach Henderson. 


Freshman Football 

FIRST ROW: C. Coe, M. Goff, B. Conlan, B. O'Brien, J. McNeil, B. Barrow, F. Mahoney, M. Meallo, A. Paris, J. Riley. SECOND ROW: Mgr. B. Parris, B. Taylor, 
B. Duncan, J. McCarthy, G. Thayer, B. Beale, D. Gunville, J. Durkin, J. Vivian, D. Buckley, J. Carbone, R. Hobson, B. Roy. THIRD ROW: Coach Wilson, P. Plante, 
G. Smith, R. Tibbetts, M. Thorton, J. Turner, P. Plante, B. Maynard, M. Grossman, M. Salerno, P. Farren, Coach Walsh. 

Super coaches Walsh and Wilson Captains Durkin, Gunville, Vivian, and Buckley 

Varsity Candids 



The Senior Captains 


Field Hockey 

VarsitV FIRST ROW: E. Block, A. Fox, L. Souther, M. Hall, L. Bailey, N. Gof f, D. Streeter, A. Donovan. SECOND ROW: M. Dunn, D. Brown, J. Dean, M. 

Coe, A. Whelan, S. Sladen, P. Gunville. 

+ 4*1 

f t 

♦ * • 

J. V . FIRST ROW: C Stover, S. Greenman, D. Whitlow, M. Joyce, J. Brown, L. McCarthy, P. Fox (Mother Peggy), L. McAdams, T. Fernalld, M. Lag, M. 
Twaddle, B. Donahue. SECOND ROW: K. Standford, S. Sisson, A. Bellefontaine, R. Goff, S. Stover, B. O'Brien, A. O'Rourke, M. Leach, Coach Kealey, L. Whelan. 
M Scttino, D. O'Neil, R. Sargent, K. Linsley, S. Pottenger, B. Curelli, E. Figureido. 





NOT PICTURED: Mark Buckley and Doanld Clarke. 



V. Vanderlught, J. Walls, T. Bursk, S. MacKenize, G. Ricketts, M. Carrol, P. Farren, D. Clarke, B. Suddath, D. Munroe, M. Buck- 
ley, K. Fahey, J. Donnely, A. Haskell, G. Hurlbut, Coach Fortin. 

Junior Varsity 

FIRST ROW: E. Donnely, B. Difnar, B. Baird, D. Schleicher, V. Langford, R. Florescu, P. Manger, D. Hanlan, E. Westerhoff, S. 
Janscics. SECOND ROW: Ooach Mazza, Capt. Paul D'Onofrio, Capt. Chris Collins, N. Roberts, B. Marsden, E. Carroll, C Dil- 
lion, J. Howley, J. Hines, B. Walsh, T. Higgins. 


Cross Country 

FIRST ROW: A. Roebuck, J. Cooper, D. Reynolds, Capt. Marina Buckley, L. Branagan, D. Pratt, J. Keane. SECOND ROW: A. Johnson, 
T. O'Brien, P. Tye, S. Cahill, B. Ross, J. Cahill, B. Wagner, R. O'Donnell, J. Golino, P. Durant. 

The Stride 

Would I like a Coke' 

Fall Sports Wrap-Up 

CGT This year's soccer team proved to be Mr. Fortin's best year with a record of 5-5-2. The team was led by Captains Dave Munro and 

Pat Farren who were both named to the South Shore League All-Star Team. Jeff Walls also helped the team out a lot by being 
the leading scorer, and Karin Fahey improved a great deal this year and will be a help next year. The biggest disappointment was 
the team's loss to Hanover by a score of 3-1. Cohasset played a much better game but fate just happened to be on Hanover's side. 
The JV did well this year, too, with their new coach, Mr. Mazza, who brought with him the impressive record of being an All 
New England All-Star for three years and an All Eastern All-Star for one year. 

Football — - Unfortunately the Football teams did not do all that well this year. The only team with a winning record was the Freshman 
team coached by Mr. Walsh with a 4-3-1 record. The JV ended with a 0-4-1 season and the Varsity finished with a 2-8 record 
scoring wins over Dom Savio and an exciting victory over Norwell on Homecoming Day. The high points of the season were in 
the award winners: Rick Nardo — UNSUNG HERO, Carl Hurtig — MVP and BEST LINEMAN, Al Snowdale — BEST 
BACK, Bill Reynolds — MOST IMPROVED, Scott Sandblom — MVP THANKSGIVING DAY. 

Field Hockey — — Capturing the South Shore League title and entering the State Tournament were the accomplishments of this year's 
team. A record of 12-1-3 gave the girls the league title. The only loss was by the score of 1-0 to Hanover and ironically enough 
the team lost to Hanover in the State Tournament, too. Margaret Hall and Liz Bailey captained the teams to this winning season. 
Margaret scored 17 goals this year and Liz was close behind with 13 goals. Deborah Streeter, Liz Bailey, Margaret Hall, and Andy 
Fox were all named to the South Shore League All-Star team. The JV team ended with a good record, too, thanks to the coaching 
of Mrs. Kealey. EDITOR'S NOTE: If separate pages could be dedicated, this page would be dedicated to Coach Babaian for her 
super job this year. 

Cross Country — — With a record of 2-6 the team had to look for individual superiority instead of team superiority. As usual captain 
Marina Buckley led the team and would have gone to the State meet if an ankle injury had not stopped her. Also, Dean Reynolds 
did a fine job this year. 


Boy's Basketball 


FRONT ROW: B. Driscoll, D. Munro, Capt. Gary Hurlbut, Capt. Tim Salerno, B. MacMahon, N. Collins. BACK ROW: J. Becker, B. Drake, L. Branagan, K. Lyons, R. Rice, Coach 
ShultzJ. T. Price. 

Junior Varsity 

FRONT ROW: E. CarrollJ. Farren, J. Walls, P. Branagan, P. D'Onofrio, C. "ollins. BACK ROW: J. T. Price, D. Schlicher, M. Salerno, Coach Cisneros, P. Madigan, P. Hellar.J. Becker. 


Lylc Branagan Dave Munro Noel Collins 




FRONT ROW: C. Colocousis, M Collins, J. Turner, T. Higgins, B. Buckley, J. Howley, D. Gunville. BACK ROW: P. Plante, E. Donnelly, B. O'Brien, S. 
Jancsics, R. Tebbetts, Coach Hogan, R. Hobson, J. Vivian, B. Baird, D. Hanlon. NOT PICTURED: P. Farren, R. Barrow, M. Salerno, K. Ross. 


Girl's Basketball 


FIRST ROW: M. Coletta, E. Block, Capt. Ann Donovan, Capt. Deborah Streeter, N. Goff, T. Kelleher. BACK 
ROW: Coach Deakin, J. Roberts, M. McNeill, J. Brown, A. Whelan, M. Coe, J. Basmajian. 

Varsity Coach Deakin 

Junior Varsity 

FRONT ROW: A. O'Rourke, L. McAdams, L. McCarthy, E. Bishop, L. Kjer, J. Dean, S. Atkinson. 
BACK ROW: S Sutherland, S. O'Connell, D. Christie, Coach Chatterton, M. Leach, S. Sladen, L. Deig- 



FRONT ROW: C. Latson, C. Kelly, D. Maloney, E Whelan, S. Greenman, K. Laue, C. Wilmoth. BACK ROW: J. 
DiNardo, B. Taylor, L. Deignan, Coach Schmiere, K. LuftJ. Millard, R. Goff, M. White. 



FRONT ROW: J. England, E. O'Brien, A. Gurnis, A. Parziale, L. Carroll, L. O'Connor, L. O'Toole, C. Sto- 
ver BACK ROW: J. Connelly, K. Reynolds, S. Abbruzzese, J. Rosano, N. Laue, Coach McGann, E. 
McCarthy, D Jancsics, E Bower, R. Townsend. 

Varsity Hockey 

FRONT ROW: G. Spalt, M. St.John, P. Graham, B. White, P. Farre n, L. Drago, J. Bowen, D. Pratt. BACK ROW: Coach MacDermott, M. 
Davis, C Cowen, C Abbruzzsse, J. Roy, P. Quilty, C Stover, S. Sandblom, I. MacCormick, J. Durkin, B. Drago, Coach Walsh. 

Brad White Pat Farren Peter Graham 

Junior Varsity 

FRONT ROW: R. White, C Pipenbrink, C. Dillon, J. Roy, S. Fone, D. Tilden, B. Yeager, J. Cahill. BACK ROW: J. Perroncello, J. Polito, L. 
Blair, D. Dillon, M. BrownJ. Durkin, C O'ConnellJ. Ditmar, R. Polito, R. Young, J. Riley, D. Yeager, Coach Walsh. 



Winter Cheerleadin| 

Basketball Hockey 

C. Mulligan, Capt. Crystal Salvador, Co-Capt. Andy Carroll, S. Quilry, G. Seavey, S. 
Sladcn. K. Westerhoff, L. Chapman, H. Chase. 

Capt. Theresa Chiasson 

Co-Capt. Monica O'Brien 

Lauren Caroll 

Amy Roebuck 

Debbie Whitlow 

Coach Perreault 

Sponsored By The Chiasson Family 

Winter Sports Wrap- Up 

Boy's Basketball 


— Close games which resulted in frustrating losses fattened up the loss column for this year's team, leaving the 
Skippers with a 3-16 record. However, there were highlights of the season, both team and individual. The team stayed together 
and never gave up as evident in the exciting basketball they played in the second half of the season. Balanced scoring and clutch 
contributions from the bench were responsible for the closeness of so many games. Tim Salerno and Gary Hurlbut combined for 
almost 400 points to lead the offense for the season, while Roger Rice had a team high of 23 points against Hull. The JV ended 
the season with a record of 10-9; Freshmen 11-5. 

Girl's Basketball 


M ■ 

way ref 

played. Aga 


The Girl's basketball team's record 3-13 in no way reflects the quality basketball that they pf^kTT Against the 
ams they put forth their best efforts only to come up with the short end. Ann Donovan was the backbone of this 
years team in both scoring with 15H points and rebounding. Fllen Block also made major contributions with her all around 
ability. Jean Roberts' scoop shots, half court shots, fancy dribbling, and strong drives through the middle added much excitement 
to the games. Although the record was a disappointment the girls did have a lot of fun. Coach Deakin, following a year's absence 
from girl's basketball, came through with unfailing dedication from which all the girls benefited. JV's record was U-5, Freshmen 
9-4 and Eighth Grade 2-6. 


Although this year's team did not go as far as many people had thought, it did give the fans a lot to cheer about. Tieing Hull 
with a late third period goal and coming within a few minutes of tieing Hanover, the Skippers proved that they were enable of 
playing at the same level as the best teams in the league. Jack Bowen and Larry Drago led the attack on offense, while Pat 
Farren's consistent play was the nucleus of the defensive line. The team racked up a 4-6-2 record but has all but three members 
returning next year. Keeping this in mind, next year's team should be a rather strong contender for the league championship. 
Unfortunately, theJV ended with a record of 3-11. 



— This year the cheerleader's coach, Miss Perreault, brought new ideas to the Winter cheerleading season. Her newest 
innovation was the establishment of Hockey cheerleaders (captained by Theresa Chiasson and co-captained by M> mica O'Brien). 
These girls gave as much time and dedication as the girls who cheered basketball. Cry stal Salvador was captain < >f the basketball 
squad, but had an injury early in the season and co-capt. Andy Carroll took over many responsibilities. BjLJgj 



P. Chapman, P. Cook, B. Ditmar, R. Durant, E. Figueiredo, S. LeMay, M. Meallo, J. Millard, D. O'Neill, P. Plante, E. Ripley, S. Sisson, G. Smith, K. Stanford, A. 
Trask, L. Trettis,J. Vanderlugt, S. Atkinson, R. Blossom, L. Chapman, S. Dillon, P. Durant, R. Farwell, M. Fichtner, P. Hurtig, D.Jones, B. O'Brien, A. O'Rourke, 
E. Price, L. Reynolds, A. Roebuck, G. Seavey, C. Schraff, T. Tewksbury, G. Ashjian, P. Branagan, C. Brennock, J. Buckley, L. Carroll, A. Cotter, K. Daniels, D. 
Doggett, J. Donnelly, M. Firik, S. Kravette, L. Montouri, J. Shooshan, S. Stanford, L. Taylor, P. Trask, A. Tye, A. White, L. Branagan, M. Buckley, D. Clarke, A 
Hallgren, S. Ketchum, R. Kravette, H. Schlachter, J. Shannon, D. Streeter, A. Watson, S. Pratt, W. Duffy, E. Westerhoff. 



A. Davis, L. Carroll, C. Carey, F. Malone, K. Kent, K. Diab, M. Sullivan. 

D. Pratt, C McNeil, M. Miller, L. O'Toole, E. Hanlon, A. Roebuck, H. Chase, P. Atkinson, H. Chase, R. Townsend, L. OToole, M. Howley, C. Golden. 


Senior High Chorus 

Junior High Chorus 

T. Walls, L. OToole, E. Hanlon, S. Goodwin, S. 
Goodwin, C Golden, M. Howlcy, C. Scully, K. 
Wagner, R. Townsend, G. Caruso, E. McCarthy, N. 
Laue, M. Fink, A. Brown, L. Wright, H. Chase, K. 
Watson, E. Hobson, A. Hobson. 

Third World 

. *£ 

A. Cotter, C. Meyerhoff, J. Nash, J. Gardener, M. Freda, V. Norris, J. Baird, D. Whitney, K. Howley, R Kravette, J. Mailers, Mr. MacDonald, S. Dillon, C Duncan, J. 
Basmajian, R Blossom, E. Watkins, M. Barlow, M McLean. 



J. Hollingshead, L. Dickson, M 
Coe, L. Travers, G. Collins, T. 
Chiasson, M. Kurtz, E. Bishop, 
C. Salvador, B. O'Leary, C. 
Young, K Currclli, R Schla- 
chtcr, A. O'Connell, L. Lyons, J 
Sadler, A. Tye, D. Burke, R. 
Donahue, M. McGinnis, A. 
McCarthy, D. Londergan, B. 
Winn, M. McGinnis, A. Gil- 
more, J. McKinnon, M McNeil, 
S. Cahill, C. Yeoman (sec), K 
Donahue (treas.), J. Shannon 
(v.p ), D. Goyene (pres.). 

Debating Team 

Mr. Sheehan, B. Schraff, R. 
Walsh, E. Smith, L. Branagan, 
A. O'Connell, M McNeil, L. 
Montuori, J. Donnelly, Mr. 


High Times 

W. Halleran, B. Coleman, E 
Gainor, L. Montuori, M. Mend 
lovitz, B. Smith, G. Spalt, L 
Carroll, S. Greene, K. Howley 
K. Knight, S. Dillon, A. Cotter. 
R. Kravette, M. Ditmar, K 
Gleaves, E. Smith, B. Suddath 
D. Reynolds, M. Facey, J. Don 
nelly, A. Carroll, D. Burke, B 

Student Council And Advisory Committee 

B. Keane, K. O'Connor, R. 
White, K. Anderson, D. Gun- 
ville, L. Carroll, J. Donnelly, M. 
Winn, R. Madigan, P. Madigan, 
J. Mack, D. Streeter (Sec), N. 
Collins (Pres.), B. O'Leary 
(V.P.), P. Gunville (Treas.), 
Mr. Henderson, P. Donofrio, B. 
Baird. Student Advisory Board 
— G. Ashjian, L. Bailey, J. 
Baird, J. Donnelly, D. Reynolds. 


Future Nurses 

Mrs. DiGregorio, M. Farrell, A. McDonald, J. Driscoll, C. Salvadore, T. Chiasson, W. 
Frieson, S. Atkinson, M. Sullivan, A. Tye, A. O'Connell. 

National Honor Society 




What If? 

Liz Bailey reached five feet. 

Pam Ballerino was ever wrong. 

Cindi Bell's cupboard was bare. 

Ellen Block didn't know her way around Boston. 

Lyle Branagan was a freak. 

Marina Buckley didn't jump when you touched her. 

Mark Buckley told a good joke. 

Diann Burke wasn't allowed to sing. 

Barry Butman came to school. 

Josie Carbone didn't have a jelly-bum. 

Wayne Carrothers got a rip in his over-alls. 

Dama Chase was fat. 

Theresa Chiasson had her hands tied behind her back. 

Noel Collins was shy. 

Ginny Collins meets Sheppard's flock. 

Karin Costello went to California in the T-DECK. 

Linda Curley lost her laugh. 

Susan Curley ever slowed down enough for Ellen to catch up. 

Ellen Curley gets a 240-Z 2 and 2. 

Diane DeGiacomo straightened her hair. 

Peter Dillon ever got upset. 

Robin Donahue was cut off from the grapevine. 

Richard D'Onofrio hated airplanes. 

Ann Donovan was left alone in a Hershey factory. 

Lisa Fichtner couldn't skate. 

Jay Flanagan showed up for class. 

Andy Fox lost a race. 

Wilma Frieson didn't squeak. 

Ellen Gainor got stage-fright. 

Lorri Gibbons wasn't organized. 

Darlene Gleaves got organized and lost her limpness. 

Peter Graham was polite. 

Jen Grisdale got an "F." 

Margaret Hall had eleven kids. 

Ann Hawes never got her license. 

Ruth Hellar didn't talk funny. 

Cindy Hoy didn't wrap her hair. 

Gary Hurlbut's Hush Puppies wore out. 

Carl Hurtig didn't lift weights. 

Diane Keefe didn't graduate early. 

Tricia Kelleher dyed her hair. 

Scott Ketcham got laryngitis. 

Bob Killion couldn't draw a straight line. 

Leslie Klier never made Cindy laugh. 

Randy and Sandy were tone-deaf. 

Jim Lag had two eyebrows. 

DeeDee Londergan ever got a warning notice. 

Dick Madigan couldn't talk. 

Kati McArthur didn't get the car. 

Ann McCarthy chose "Zza Zza" over "Bananas." 

Maggie McGinnis ever stopped talking. 

Marie McGinnis couldn't look them over. 

Jeanne McKinnon was only 4'9". 

Melvin McLean showed up for class on time. 

Bill McMahon didn't wear clothes to match his hair. 

Mike McNabb was anything like his brother. 

Judy Mitchell didn't doodle. 

Ricky Nardo had a full tank of gas. 

Dianne O'Brien didn't check the situation out. 

Monica O'Brien broke her jaw. 

The O'Briens never came back to Cohasset. 

Beth O'Leary has it. 

Patti Patrolia and Billy Politogot "Most Talkative." 

Dean Reynolds wasn't so mean. 

Guy Ricketts did something besides roam the halls. 

Ryan Rosano spoke. 

Maria Saldi was quiet for 5 minutes. 

Tim Salerno went out with Miss Babaian. 

Joanne Shannon could do her yearbook pages by herself. 

Sharon Sinopoli didn't like fire engines. 

Joe Stanford answered a question. 

Blake Suddath wrote like most people. 

Nancy Sullivan ate meat. 

Howard Taylor lost his shadow. 

Lonny Townley told a lie. 

Leslie Travers had a deep voice. 

Alice Watson didn't know how to procrastinate. 

Brad White's car worked. 

Brenda Winn meets Tasmanian Devil. 

Cheryl Young ever finds Humarock Beach. 

Mike Zappolo aced anything. 

Larry Shultz hadn't read-"Mein Kampf ." 

Mr. Walsh didn't say "eh." 

Mr. Henderson didn't have a hat to throw. 

Big Ed didn't have a cigar. 

Mr. Sheehan ran out of puns. 

Susy Saldi lost her voice. 

Brian Perry had Wilma's squeaky voice. 

Dale Silvia graduated "cum laude." 

and Best 
Wishes to 
the Class 
of 1976 

Gateway to Excellence 

Indeed We 
Are Proud 

of Our 
Schools and 
Their Excellence 

At HUGO'S You'll Enjoy 

At KIMBALL'S You'll Enjoy 

• Breathtaking Decor and Oceanview 

From Every Seat 

• Glowing Fireplaces to Welcome You 

• Watch Cruising Yachts and Hugo's 

Lobster Fleet While Dining 

• Select Your Seafood From Our Indoor 

Ocean Pools 

• Prime Steaks and Chops From Our 

Charcoal Galley 

• Intimate Cocktail Lounges 

• Dancing Nightly 

• Orchestra and Organ Artists 

• Deluxe Rooms With Balconies With 

Ocean and Garden Views 

• Telephone and Color TV in Every Room 

• Shuffle Board and Putting Green 

• Men's and Women's Exercise Rooms 

and Saunas 

• Heated Oversized Swimming Pool 

With a Diving Board 

• Whirlpool and Sun Lamps 

• Game Room 

• Golf and Tennis Available 

• Yachting and Fishing 



Senator Allan R. McKinnon 

Congratulations to the Class of 1 976 

My Sincerest Wishes to Each 
Graduate for Success in the Future 


General Auto Repairing 
Wrecker Service 



%«AaM«4, Jfaa. 02025 
383 1 4 98 

22 <3)e/ici .9/. 

Qluxiu\f, -Man. 02332 
934 6040 

Homeroom # 1 5 

Best Wishes to 
the Class of 1976 


Showroom Hours Monday-Friday 9-5 
Residential — Contract Design 



Best Wishes to the 
Class of 1976 






Compliments of 


Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, 
Freeze Dried Food, Food for Storage, 
Dive Shop, Tennis, and Much More!!! 

166 Cushing Highway, Cohasset 


Here You May Choose From a Complete Selection 
of the World's Finest Jewelry and Silverware 

. . . thai 

gracious con fidence 
in any circle 

of friend 


Always Remember Them. 
Try Our Specialties 
Anyone Who Tastes Them Once Wil 


Do you want faster, service? 

Call 383-6262 
We will have it ready for you. 

130 King St., Rt. 3A 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 


Donald M. Flocke 

Brigantine East 
Route 3A, Cohasset, MA 

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 
Saturday 9:30-5:00 P.M. 
Wednesday 9:30- 1 2:00 
Evenings by Appointment 




Hair Stylist 

Five Stage Coach Way 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 


Road Service 



Specializing in Ignition and Carbure- 
tion and Complete Automotive Service 
Tire Truing and Balancing 

Wayne H. Robbins 

405 North Main Street 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 


Rt. 3A, Cohasset 
Cushing Plaza 

Open Seven 
Days 9:30-5:30 

Cohasset Village 





lie ^)alzs 4~arvn 


auto ha us 


Compliments of 



Cohasset Village 

23 South Main Street 



Cushing Plaza 






Good Luck 
Class of 1976 

Best Wishes to 
the Class of 1976 


48 South Main St., Cohasset 
383-0541 383-0516 

Savings Accounts 

Dwyer & Mulhn 

Real Estate 

^^^T m 'ML I C// ° ^ u "' n — Realtor 

AnneMuir 383-0467 Jane Wilder 545-3235 

Ruth McGinnis 383-0837 Rita Galvin 545-3850 

Mike Savage 383-9141 Ellen Hertel 545-2618 

Annette Sexton 659-7298 

Best Wishes 


Route 3A Cohasset, Massachusetts 



We, the Class of 1976, would like to thank the following people who cared enough to help us finance our 


Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Bailey Jr. 
Mrs. Marie Blakeman 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Block 
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle E. Branagan 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Buckley 
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Cifrino 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Collins 
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Collins Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Costello 
Mrs. Ann C. Curley 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Curley 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dillon 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Donovan 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Emmons 
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Farren 
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fichtner 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Grisdale 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Albert Hellar 
Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Higgins Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Farwell 
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Ainsle, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Hollingshead Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Howley 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. James 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. McGinnis 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Gerald McAdams 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. McArthur Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Mitchell 

Dr. and Mrs. Max Munro 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Murray 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. O'Brien 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Leary 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Salerno 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Schlachter 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Shannon 

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Short 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Streeter 

Capt. and Mrs. Thomas H. Suddath & Family 

Nancy Snowdale Tibbetts 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Townley 

Mr. and Mrs. George Travers 

Mr. and Mrs. William Watson 

Mrs. William B. White 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Sinopoli 

Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 1 976 

Your Professional Pharmacy 


South Main Street 

Congratulations and 
Best of Luck to the 
Class of 1976 




Robert T. Sceery, M.D. 
John M.Cahill, M.D. 
Stephen J. O'Connor, M.D. 
George W. Rever, M.D. 
Robert J. Riley, D.M.D. 
Edward H. Seadale, D.D.S. 

Roger A. Pompeo, M.D. 
Francis X. Mahoney, D.D.S. 
Joseph Santelli, D.D.S. 
C. David Thompson, O.D. 
Jonathan C. Wood, D.M.D: 
David Maltz, M.D. 

Dr. Bernard O'Brien — Ph.D. 


John Linsley 
James J. DeGiacomo 
Walter S. Railsback 
John F. Elliot 
Roger B. Coulter 
George W. McLaughlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Humphreys 


I 3 Elm Street Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Best Wishes 

Class of 1 976 


Route 3A 

Ice Cream and Fine Foods 

383 1942 

Cushing Plaza 


Route 3A, Box No. 244 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 


Lionel A. Street 

James J. Cronin 


"Serving the South Shore since 1 932" 


Service and Parts for All Makes 






Shop the Big Lot — A- 1 Used Cars 

Route 3A 

400 Chief Justice Cushing Highway — 

Good Luck to the Class of 1 976 


Route 3A, Cohasset 



realtors, ,„. 

Oldest Established 
Real Estate Office on the 
South Shore 

26 South Main Street 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 



insurance agency 

Three Generations 

of Family Service Since 1898 

Cushing Plaza 
Cohasset, Mass. 







1 55 King Street 
(617) 383-1200 

Cohasset, MA 02025 
TWX(7I0) 346-7605 

Compliments of: 


Pleasant St., Cohasset 



Complete Marine Service 

Marine Hardware 
Homelite Johnson 
Sales and Service 

1 60 Cushing Highway 

Air Conditioned 







The 1 704 


Cohasset Village 

The tender, sizzling goodness of our Steaks, and Chops, the Fresh Flavour of our 
Native Seafoods are legend in these parts. 

Open daily year round from noon. 

A favorite stopover for Fine Food and hospitality since the days of the Boston - 
Plymouth Stage Coach. 

Luncheons Served Daily 

Member of Carte Blanche 

Master Charge 

American Express 


Best Wishes to the 
Senior Class 


Expert Children's Haircut+ing 




Regular Hair Cutting 
Ran Cutting 
Hair Straightening 

I Ripley Rd. 

Cohasset, Mass. 


Cushing Plaza 


Route 3A